If you’re anything like me you’ve probably been wondering how different OEM skins will look with the new update to Android L just around the corner. Thanks to our friends over at SamMobile we now have a closer look into how Samsung’s TouchWiz interface will look with the Android L upgrade and material design. To top all of this off SamMobile, whom as proved reliable in past leaks, claims that the final name of Android L will be Lollipop. This comes as little surprise, but is nice to have backed up by a reputable source.

Of course this is a very early stage of the Android L upgrade for TouchWiz so things can easily and probably will change. What you can expect though from this interface is a much cleaner look from Samsung, but with many of the key changes you expect from Samsung’s TouchWiz interface. At the beginning of the video you may notice that the same old homescreen still places it’s residence here, but don’t let that deter you. The colours are overall brighter and the settings menu is now an all on white background.

Like many other OEM skins, TouchWiz has always been very bloated and full of features that we don’t use all too often. While some end up being useful, others end up being just extra fluff on top of an already heavily modified UI. Since Android L is such a big change to the whole Android design scheme, it will be interesting to see what the OEM’s start to come up with.

Maybe they will follow the the lead of Samsung and make massive changes to the user interface or they may follow Motorola’s tactic and stick with the stock look while adding useful changes and features. Personally I prefer stock Android over most of the OEM skins. Now whether they become as heavily bloated as in the past is another matter entirely. Since Android is starting to gain many of the features that made OEM skins unique. What do you think, would you like more skins and features, or would you like to see more of stock Android?

Source: SamMobile TouchWiz on Android L

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