Dive headlong into the story of Romulus and Remus, the founders of the great empire that we know as the Roman Empire, and experience the story yourself in this fun-filled and thrilling match-3 game, Cradle of Rome 2! Help them establish the seemingly small town of Rome by gathering resources via match-3 games, and grow it into one of the most magnificent cities in the ancient world.

To start the matching madness, you should know that Cradle of Rome 2 offers 3 different game modes. Adventure mode is the default game mode where you get to build up the city of Rome as you play. There are 5 chapters in all, namely Gifts of Proserpina, Seven Crafts of Vulcan, Beauty of Venus, Triumph of Mars and Power of Jupiter. Each chapter will allow you to add on 4 new buildings to your growing city, but in order to do so, you’ll need resources which can only be obtained via match-3 games.

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Similar to any match-3 game, the gameplay is pretty simple to grasp. You just need to match 3 or more adjacently-placed resources in a line by swapping them around. You are given 5 minutes for every level and although it may seem more than enough at the beginning, the time limit doesn’t increase as you progress to the much tougher levels. Also, if you’re able to complete the match-3 level quickly, you can even earn yourself a nice time bonus.

The resources available in Cradle of Rome 2 include gold, food and supplies. You can obtain gold by matching up both silver and gold coins in the game. Gold coin matches will earn you 5 times the gold amount as compared to silver coins. For food, the water buckets will earn you 3 times the amount of food while meat, which will appear in the game after you’ve built the hunting lodge, will provide you with 4 foods each. Supplies, on the other hand, can be gathered by matching up lumber and stone on the board. Stones will provide more supplies than lumber per match. There is also a special item, called the super arrow that you can earn by matching 5 resources together. When swapped, the super arrow will cause a small explosion around it, removing any nearby resources and also most of the obstacles in the game.

Once enough resources have been collected, you’ll then need to buy the blueprints for the building that you want to construct. A puzzle will pop up and you’ll need to solve it to obtain the blueprint. Some of the types of puzzles available include matching pieces to form a full picture, find matching pairs or rearranging tiles to complete the picture. There’s a skip option as well if the puzzle is too hard or you just don’t feel like doing it. However, you’ll need to wait for the skip button to recharge before clicking it. After the puzzle is solved, you’ll then get to buy the building itself.

But of course, to make things much more interesting, Cradle of Rome 2 offers plenty of obstacles to challenge you. One of which is the chains, whereby you’ll have to match the resource underneath it in order to clear the chains. There are also marble tiles that you’ll have to perform matches over them to remove these marble tiles. As you progress in the game, you’ll encounter much tougher obstacles like the ice tablet. To clear them, you need to position your match so that it is a vertical position so it can “drill” through the ice. There are also skulls that you’ll soon learn to hate as much as the chocolates in Candy Crush Saga because they are absolutely annoying. Well, on the bright side, it’ll make victory so much sweeter!

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The game also provides you with bonuses that you can use to your advantage. They include the hammer bonus and the bomb bonus. To get the hammer bonus, you’ll just need to match up hammer tiles in the game like any match-3s that you’ve done before. Each hammer match will fill up the meter for the hammer bonus and once full, you can then use the hammer to remove 1 tile from the board, regardless of the obstacles that are piled on it. For the bomb bonus, you’ll need to match bombs instead to fill up the meter for the bonus. The bomb can be used to clear all the tiles in a 4×4 radius around it, inclusive of most obstacles that are within its range of effect.

Furthermore, once you’ve obtained an accumulative score points of 500,000 via the adventure mode, you’ll unlock the next game mode the “tourney” mode. In this mode, you’ll be competing against the best scores on the many leaderboards on any one of the 40 selected levels to earn gold, silver or bronze medals. You can choose a bonus to help you as well. To access the blitz mode, you’ll first need to complete the adventure mode. In this game mode, you’re given 3 difficulty settings to choose from, namely easy, normal or hard, which will in turn allow you to earn a bronze, silver or gold medal respectively.

For blitz mode, you’ll start playing at level 1 and continuously play by progressing through level after level of match-3 games until the timer runs out. The timer will not decrease if you’re making matches rapidly, but it will start to drain when you hesitate. Like in the tourney mode, you’ll get to choose 1 bonus to help you but as you use it again and again, the amount of matches you’ll need to do to refill the bonus meter will gradually increase. It can be truly challenging as it is extremely fast-paced and will surely appeal to those match-3 adrenaline junkies out there! Unfortunately for others, all of the game modes and levels in Cradle of Rome 2 are timed and the game doesn’t offer an untimed mode for a more relaxing gameplay.

The best part about this game is that you can enjoy playing the full game as many times as you like for absolutely free. There’s no catch whatsoever, including but not limited to annoying adverts and toolbars, malwares, or even viruses. If you’re still sceptical, well, Gametop.com has a certificate from Microsoft verifying that all the codes in the game are original and unmodified. The game works perfectly with older computers as well as new ones too!

Therefore, if you want to play an amazing match-3 game without all the hassle that comes along with those “free-to-play” games out there, be sure to download Cradle of Rome 2 at Gametop.com today!

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