Most have heard and many have tried to play the augmented reality game Ingress since its release in 2012. The game is designed with two factions in mind. Those two factions then compete for real estate by claiming historical markers or other places of interest marked as portals. Strategy along with social interactions become required to help one team advance over the other.

ingress android wear

Ingress for Android Wear

With Android Wear integration announced earlier this year, an added element is now given to players thanks to the latest Ingress update. According to early video and screenshots, it appears that players will be able to interact and “hack” portals as they get to them. That can come in handy for players who have a series of portals and are playing while they are walking from one point to another. The screens also seem to indicate that players can see nearby portals and give close range directions allowing players to approach them without taking out their phones.

ingress android wear

Some advanced features in game play do not seem to be available such as the mini glyph hacking game. There is also no real indication what playing for any amount of time will do for battery life, but if the phone app works anywhere near the game on the phone, it will prove to be taxing. At the least there will be some limited game play, notifications, and other features that would be more fitted for a watch. Of course regular game play would be best reserved for mobile devices with big batteries hooked to large external battery chargers.

Time will tell as this latest update to Ingress starts to roll out to users. There is no indication at this time if Niantic Labs that makes Ingress and Field Trip will have an application for the Apple Watch at this point. Providing Apple allows for this third party application to run on their phone though, I’m sure it would become an inevitability.

For those who have not received this update for Ingress, it can be found on APK Mirror.

Source: Android Police
Source: Engadget

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