Minecraft users can finally rejoice. Well, at least the Xbox One miners can rejoice and get in on the action. All you have to do is wait until Friday, and then you can start mining away with the latest edition of Minecraft. Earlier today Mojang released Minecraft 1.8 for the PC, which introduced a slew of new features. The down side in the Minecraft world, is that the PlayStation 4 was rejected last week, and may be delayed. However, images of the popular game started popping up on the PlayStation storefront, where you can download demos, and purchase full games from your console.


The versions for the Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 will be the most exciting ones for those console miners, due to the fact that the worlds are rumored to be up to 36 times bigger than what’s available right now. While it’s uncertain what various mobs, and building materials will be added to the console versions, there are still constant updates coming from just about everywhere in regards to the release of this popular game.

As for pricing, Minecraft for the Xbox One will be available Friday, September 5th for $19.99, but Xbox 360 owners of the game can upgrade to the new console and version, for only $4.99. It’s expected that PlayStation users will have the same pricing options, as well as the ability to upgrade for only $4.99. The only catch is, in order to upgrade from the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft, to the Xbox One version, you must have the digital download attached to your account, and sign into that same account on the new console. Once you’ve done that, you get the special $4.99 pricing.

The issue that I fear some may face, like myself, are those that have switched platforms from Xbox to PlayStation, will have to pay the full $19.99, since there is no way to link up the accounts from the separate consoles. Most will gladly pay the $19.99 regardless, due to the fact that Minecraft pays for itself in terms of gameplay, and is one of those games that you can just keep coming back to, no matter what.

I, for one, can’t wait for the PlayStation 4 version to come, because I’ve migrated my gaming from the Xbox 360, to the PS4, and the only game that keeps me playing on the Xbox, is Minecraft. Also, since I’ve started playing the PC version of Minecraft, my anticipation is growing even more, due to the fact that the version coming out for the next-gen consoles, are supposedly bringing the biggest update of the game.

Stay tuned to TechDissected, as we continue to bring you more news about the upcoming release of Minecraft for the next-gen consoles, and may even be working on something special once that PlayStation 4 version becomes available.

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