Minecraft users, who have been waiting for the Playstation 4 version to be released, can finally rejoice. After months of delays, and announcements, and speculation, Minecraft for the PlayStation 4 has FINALLY been released onto PSN. Users can now enjoy the popular mining/block-building game on their next-gen consoles, which to some, seems counter intuitive.

Earlier in the week, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One version would be available on Friday, September 5th. However, with the PlayStation version getting rejected, and delayed, it was looking like the PlayStation 4 version would be delayed past September 5th. Late yesterday evening, PlayStation posted on their blog that Minecraft would be released before 12 PM PDT today. A few hours ago, the PlayStation Network was updated with the ability to purchase the game, as well as download the free demo to try it out.


The lone console waiting for the popular mining game to come to, is the PS Vita. There have not been any precise updates about when Minecraft will be coming to the Vita, other than it will be a few more weeks. This week has been a very busy time for the folks at Mojang, with the 1.8 update coming to PC users, the PlayStation 4 version being rejected twice, then delayed for 24 hours, and the Xbox One version coming out tomorrow.

As for pricing for the next-gen consoles, as we stated earlier this week, when the news about the Xbox One version came out, new users to the Minecraft realm, can purchase the game for $19.99. However, if you’re a PlayStation 3, or Xbox 360 user upgrading to the respective new console, you can upgrade to the latest version of Minecraft for only $4.99, which is a steal. In regards to pricing for the Vita version of Minecraft, users who have already purchased the latest version of Minecraft, will be getting the new game for free, provided that you use the same PlayStation Network account.

Are you excited for Minecraft on next-gen consoles? Sure, it’s an 8-bit game on a console that was designed to stretch the limits of resolution compared to the old consoles. However, it’s still expected to be an amazing experience regardless.

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