Probably one of the most played video games out right now is Mario Kart 8. Nintendo has finally released the long awaited title and gamers are going bonkers for it. The Wii U is currently a bit of an underdog. Sales of the Wii U system haven’t been doing so well and many contribute this to the lack of famous franchise titles such as “Super Smash Bros,” “Zelda,” and of course…”Mario Kart.”

Nintendo has always been a staple when it comes to video game systems and they easily have some of the most nostalgic games of all time. The Wii U desperately needed to release a title like Mario Kart 8. It took 2 years for Mario Kart to hit the stores. Nintendo may have dug themselves a hole that they seem pretty confident they can climb out of.

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According to Time, Nintendo has reported 1.2 million copies sold since Mario Kart 8 was released on May 30th. The Wii U’s biggest seller overall has been “New Super Mario Bros. U” which according to Nintendo has sold 4.16 million as of March 31st 2014. As if we need to spell it out for anyone: In the land of Nintendo…Mario is king. We are not quite sure why it took Nintendo so long to release this title. The Wii U is 2 years old and one can’t help but think that if Mario Kart 8 was released earlier, Nintendo wouldn’t have had such a hard time selling Wii U units. Up until now, you couldn’t read an article about Nintendo without it indicating that they are in some kind of trouble.

Nintendo fans are not hard to please. Give us the following and we are happy campers: Mario Kart, Zelda, Super Smash, and Super Mario Bros. The replay value of these games are high and for crying-out-loud many of us are still playing these very same titles on our N64 systems. Nintendo really needs to keep this momentum going while they can. There are many gamers that have not purchased a Wii U yet, strictly because titles like Mario Kart 8 were not available – this will hopefully change.

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We have yet to see any solid numbers on if Mario Kart 8 has helped boost Nintendo hardware sales. GameSpot reports that there has been a 666% increase in UK Wii U sales since Mario Kart 8 has been released. Whether or not Nintendo has signed a wireless-carrier-style contract with the Devil, remains to be seen.  If you look at how well the game is doing and how well a title like this has done in the past, we wouldn’t be surprised if Wii U sales boost for a while.

If you have been sitting there and contemplating a purchase of the Nintendo Wii U, we’d say now would be the perfect time. With Super Smash Bros. and Zelda still to come, you will be happy with the purchase, especially if you are a huge Nintendo fan. If you are a first time Nintendo player, there is no better time  to play one of the most iconic and just plain fun franchises of all time.

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