Video games sure have come a long way haven’t they? When I was a kid, if I had seen a glimpse of the future and saw the game systems of today I wouldn’t have believed it. I would think they were a prop from “Back To The Future” or something. While we don’t have Hover Boards yet, we have really powerful gaming systems. Some gamers grew up playing titles like “Super Mario Bros,” “Sonic The Hedgehog,” and even “Space Invaders.”

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Some gamers started playing games not too long ago, so I want to ask you; What kind of Gamer are you? I hate the term “Hardcore Gamer”. I feel it almost represents the kind of person you DON’T want to play a game with. To these gamers, it’s often less about the experience and more about who’s winning. While certain games are definitely about that, I enjoy the “art” of video games.

Let me explain. Like with most things creative, video games are an art. To me, they are no different than a movie, television show, or a novel. For the amount of time you play these games you are immersed in a world that came from someone’s mind. Often a video game character can be as iconic as any writer, actor, or musician.

If you are a “Casual Gamer”, I envy you. These gamers don’t get upset, and they don’t get stressed out. If there is a game, they will play it, if not…OH WELL. That must be a nice feeling. Meanwhile, I am on a date with my girlfriend and I am having daydreams about when I was Link battling the evil of Hyrule.

Daydreaming like this makes me become the boyfriend that doesn’t listen and trust me; a boyfriend that doesn’t listen, doesn’t get the best “Xbox Achievement” of them all; if you catch my drift. A casual gamer likes video games enough to enjoy and doesn’t get all bent out of shape about them….like I do. If you are anything like me, one word stands out when it comes to video games; “Nostalgia.” I am at the point in my life when it comes to current games, I am slightly a casual gamer. When it comes to titles I grew up on, I am as obsessed as one can get.

Video games were something I grew up on, plain and simple. When I play a game now, it is mostly to get back those excited feelings of amazement. From the characters, to the game-play, to the music; everything just fills me with that care-free happiness I had as a child. Being a “Nostalgic Gamer,” I really enjoy when a classic franchise comes out with a “current” game. To me, it just continues the journey.

When I see a new Mario game, I have to play it. If Xbox releases an anniversary edition of  “Fable” in HD…I’ll buy it (they did by the way). Why would I spend money on something I have already played multiple times? Re-read everything I have said so far and get back to me. It all brings  me back to the feelings, the memories, and the time when all I had was my imagination.


A game that encompasses everything I have said about nostalgia today is; “The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.” That game will forever be my FAVORITE GAME OF ALL TIME. There is nothing about that game I don’t like. When OOT came out in 1998, I hadn’t played a game like it ever in my life. Hearing any of the music from that game just puts me right back in the mix of traveling the land of Hyrule, defeating the monster Ganon, and being the best hero I could be.

My imagination ran wild while playing that game. Link is the ultimate hero and I wanted to be him…still do. I honestly think that no game could ever make me feel the same way again. Nintendo re-released this game 2011 on the 3DS and I own that as well. It also comes with the “Master Quest.” As you can see I am living in the past (at least that is what my therapist would say), but I am fully okay with it. Now that I am older, I appreciate the “Art” of video games even more. I am without a doubt a “Nostalgic Gamer.”

 I could talk about myself all day. What kind of gamer are you? Have you had some of the same feelings about video games as I did? Or do they mean nothing to you except for a way to pass the time? Comment below and let us know what kind of gamer you see yourself as. You can even make up a category for yourself. I might change my category to “Mentally Ill Gamer.”

Website: The Legend Of Zelda Gamers “Ocarina Of Time 3D”

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