The Dark Below was released yesterday, but things have been rolling out over time in preparation for its unveil. At 1 am PST, The Dark Below was accessible to all players that ordered the Expansion’s Pass, or just pre-ordered the expansion itself. I decided that morning I would pull the trigger. I may have been wrong to do so. Let me explain why.

Increase In Difficulty Levels

While I realize some folks have been grinding away every single day and have their characters up to light level 30, I do not. My strongest character is a measly 27, with a 25 Warlock and 24 Titan seemingly forever behind. The level 27 is a Hunter, a class I love to play, but isn’t any good at all in the Vault of Glass Raid. So I’m almost forced to level another character up beyond him. And then, in preparation for the release of The Dark Below, they’ve raised the former level 28 Daily Mission, Weekly and Nightfall Strike to level 30 instead of adding an additional level of difficulty.

crotas end the dark below

While it doesn’t seem like a big deal if you don’t play Destiny, it is hard enough for a level 27 to complete any of these level 28 missions, especially solo. Not to mention the fact that there is a 20% damage reduction per level, when under leveled for the Mission/Strike/what have you. So, that means I can complete a level 26 mission, which has the possibility of netting me level 24 gear. Makes sense right? Oh the grind is strong with Destiny.

Retrofitted Exotic Weapons

Remember all those shiny exotic weapons you got before the 2.2 GB update we had to download (whether we pre-ordered or not – Thanks Bungie)? Oh that’s right, the stats were changed on the new ones so you can upgrade old to the new  after using a Strange Coin (which isn’t as easy to come by as one would like), and then going through the grind of upgrading them all over again with more materials.

So wait, I bought/won an exotic weapon, completed the grind to obtain all of the upgrades on the weapon and now you want me to spend a random drop currency item to upgrade it again? Apparently the base damage has increased, but why are we doing this now? Did you remember months after the game launched that you had an expansion where the damage output might need to be higher if you increased the light level? It seems like poor planning to me.

crucible the dark below

Not only did I just get an exotic weapon, it took me a month or so to “win” via a bounty mission. This mission consisted of doing things I didn’t want to do, like the Crucible (PvP). These bounties take hours to complete, and while I understand its to get people playing, you shouldn’t have to spend all that time to receive the weapon, only to have it revamped just before an update/expansion release. Note to self, don’t buy weapons before the next expansion.

Materials And Currency Sharing

You can certainly disagree with me on the other two items, especially those that are a bit more hardcore than I am. However, I feel that I might be onto something with this next piece.

As it stands, you share currency (Glimmer) across your characters, but not Marks or Rank of any type. You also don’t share materials, unless you go to the Tower and place it in your Vault. I feel like if they made the currency and materials sharing more unified and consistent across characters I wouldn’t be so frustrated when I don’t have the Marks to buy a Vanguard armor piece, but have the Rank, and one of my other characters has triple the amount of Marks needed. Or, when you finish a mission and receive something for one of the other two classes. My Hunter can’t use Plasteel Plating. I don’t mind getting it and transferring it, but if its worse than what my Titan has, I just have to recycle it anyways. If I’m going to recycle anything, the materials should be shared in my opinion.

The Dark Below is an expansion to Destiny, but it seems to have added some pain to my general enjoyment of this game. I’ve only completed the first Quest from Eris, which was no walk in the park. I’m interested in completing the new Strikes and Missions available, but will do so with great caution. While some people have already entered the new Raid, I won’t be attempting it for some time.

What are your thoughts on the expansion? Destiny itself? Let us know in the comments.

Website: The Dark Below Expansion

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