Just a few days ago, Bungie released some information on The Dark Below expansion. I’ve put together a few things I’m looking forward to, as well as things they’ve changed leading up to the expansion.

The Dark Below: Story Content

On the moon, the Hive’s lair is contained. Deep in the Hellmouth are unthinkable evils, and these will be revealed in The Dark Below. Eris, the sole survivor of a raid meant to kill Crota, has missions and tasks for you to complete in the Tower. We are led to believe she has understanding of Hive goings on, and will stop at nothing to bring Crota to it’s knees after losing her raid team. This will be a new raid called “Crota’s End.”

crotas end dark below

Additionally we have the availability of a new strike, dealing with Omnigul, “the Will of Crota” who is attempting to grow the Hive army, in preparation for an invasion of Earth. This takes place in a new area called the Jovian Complex, where you are made to draw out Omnigul, and destroy her and her minions.

New Light Levels

Not only story content, but new weapons will be available, and are already starting to roll out. Light level has increased to 32, from 30 and new armor with higher light stats will be available to attain this level. In addition, new exotics will be rolled out and more bounty slots are now available. Ten total bounty slots make for easy leveling of a low character for sure.

Crucible Content

crucible the dark below

For those of you that are proper PvP’ers, you’ll also enjoy additions to the Crucible. Three new maps are included, taking place on three different planets. Skyshock is a new location on Earth and will include Clash and Control matches with vehicle availability. The Cauldron, on the moon, will contain mostly close quarters combat. 6v6, 3v3,  and Rumble will be supported on this map. And finally, Pantheon on Mars, will be a symmetric arena where all modes are available; 6v6, 3v3, and Rumble.

I’ll say off the bat, I’m quite happy to have the additional bounty slots, as once you have some bounties that don’t go anywhere for a while (Exotic), your slots fill up quick. If you are like me, and have 3 Exotics going at the same time, it makes for 7 more slots now, instead of 2! The availability of new Exotics in The Dark Below is always exciting. I recently purchased an Exotic scout rifle, and I know that they are certainly a special thing. The amount of work that goes into getting one, and the amount of work Bungie took to design them, is all worth it.

I’m excited to try the new strike, and hope to get started on the Vault of Glass, so I can get that under my belt in preparation for Crota’s End. With the new missions, I’m looking at pouring so much more time into this game it’s not funny!

Website: The Dark Below

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