The streets of post-outbreak Manhattan will surge with well-armed life once more when Tom Clancy’s The Division enters open beta later this month, if an apparent leak on Facebook (via Eurogamer) is accurate. The game just had it’s closed beta this past weekend starting last Thursday and ending just yesterday morning.

I myself was able to pre-order the game from Amazon and got myself a guaranteed beta code and played the big majority of the weekend on the PlayStation 4. I was able to max out my level(free world) and my rank(dark zone(8 and 12 respectively)) as well as complete the story mode mission on both the normal and hard mode.

The game to me was superb, being a beta and of course having it’s issues, and I can’t wait until the March 8th release for it on all platforms. Again, while it was beta I did have a few glitches here and there, such as getting stuck in a wall in the dark zone and finding that my only way out was to have someone kill me so I could then respawn at a save location. The funny thing about this was that I actually quit the game, logged back in and it still put me inside the wall. That’s how I found out I needed to kill myself.

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According to the leak mentioned above, it looks as if the open beta will begin on February 16th and XBox One users will get it a full 24 hours in advance of that. The open beta is tentatively scheduled to run through February 21st, but as with most betas this very well could be extended, just as the closed beta was extended for an additional 24 hours.

While this is not confirmed, it certainly makes a ton of sense especially since there were quite a few issues, minor for the most part, during the closed beta on all platforms. Hopefully Ubisoft took note of this and decides to make this official to iron out as many bugs as possible.

The open beta will be just that, open to the public with no limitations from what I’m understanding. This will allow a lot more users to test the system and allow Ubisoft to test the servers and such with many more people playing the game.

Let me know in the comments below what you thought of the closed beta if you played it and if you’re looking forward to the release of the game on March 8th when it’s released to the public.

Source: The Division Open Beta( EuroGamer )

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