About more than 90% of modern businesses are already on-board the cloud computing bandwagon, according to CIO. For most businesses, entering the world of cloud computing was all about investing in a single cloud vendor and relying on them throughout the life cycle of their cloud applications. However, with the increase in business needs and complexity of cyber crimes, a single cloud strategy doesn’t suffice.

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It might seem like leaving all your proverbial business eggs in a single basket. While most business owners realize this, the dilemma arises whereby the cloud vendors that they rely on offering them discounts for using multiple services from them. Luckily, such businesses would be getting much more were they to change their approach to cloud computing.

Here is why you should consider embracing a multi-cloud strategy:

Multi-Cloud Environments Promote Flexibility

Your business isn’t going to remain the same over the years, and your cloud vendor could change with your business in a perfect world. Sadly, the world doesn’t work like this, and you might find it a struggle to maintain some of your applications as well as the monitoring software on the cloud, especially if your business grows exponentially. While there are cloud vendors that might have the capacity, most of them might not concentrate on your custom needs, according to DNS Stuff – an IT Tools review website.

They will offer you a generalized product. With a multi-cloud strategy, you can enjoy the flexibility of moving the workloads that need more capacity to better environments. On the other hand, if you downgrade your business, you can also have the option of moving to cheaper cloud environments to cater for the decline in revenue.

Cost-Performance Optimization

Needs and costs will always be at loggerheads in the business world. While the cloud limits the amount of stress that you can put on your servers and saves costs, continuous downtime from them can lead to financial losses. Additionally, not all cloud vendors are created equal. Some will offer similar services at higher prices than their counterparts.

In case you rely on a single vendor, you will fall prey to vendor lock-in. With a multi-cloud environment, you can identify the different services whose prices are favorable for you and spread your business assets across different vendors to achieve cost-effectiveness. Additionally, downtime from one of the vendors will only affect part of your organization rather than the whole of it since you do not over-rely on any vendor.

You Will Enjoy Better Security

Diversifying the number of cloud vendors you rely on will be wise in terms of reducing the extent to which a DDOS attack can affect you. At its core, a DDOS happens when several computers successfully attack a server, hosting company or even a website leading to the denial of service to the typical users of these businesses.

Other than bringing down your cloud-based workload, a successful attack can easily keep your business facing downtimes. Your business will barely be affected by the attack. In case this happens to one of the cloud vendors, you can easily shift the workload on their platform to another if it takes too long to overcome the attack.

Better Data Management

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While some forms of data might sit on the cloud for ages without being touched, others will require you to use them from time to time each day. As such, having multiple cloud vendors will improve your flexibility in managing this data. You can place data that doesn’t need that much processing power in cheap and secure cloud environments while those that need to be readily available in environments that match your needs.


A one-size-fits-all approach can never be enough in an ever-evolving business world. A multi-cloud approach will offer your flexibility, security and even cost optimization. Consider using it to enjoy the above and more benefits.

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