When it comes to online privacy and security, two terms are commonly seen surfacing on the internet – VPN and unblock proxy. If you happen to look for methods to stay safe on the internet or keep your browsing activity hidden from everyone, you must have stumbled upon these two terms. Despite hearing or seeing these terms often around on the internet sphere, you might have wondered what they actually meant and what purpose they served. While these two services provide something similar but it is important to remember that there’s a discreet difference between the two. While best free proxy is profoundly known for hiding your IP address, the VPN is popular for its encryption ability. Before opting for one of these services, you should know the difference between them so you can decide which works best for your needs.

What Is A VPN?

A VPN service is an online security tool that aims to protect your online privacy. It routes your internet traffic through a secure, encrypted tunnel and keeps you, precisely, your online data away from the prying eyes. Come to think of it as a private tunnel on the main road that takes away your car through a smooth tunnel without facing any hindrance from the traffic. It’s virtual, encrypted tunnel allows the internet traffic to securely flow between a host server (internet connection) and your electronic device. When your device is connected to a VPN service, your IP address, as well as your location, gets hidden and you can anonymously browse the internet. Thanks to its strong encryption, all your internet activity, from checking your bank account balance to downloading movies, will remain hidden from the prying eyes as soon you are connected to a VPN server.

Nobody except your VPN provider can see your web activity. It’s important to know that since your VPN provider keeps log of your online activity, your data could be potentially shared with advertising agencies or government. Therefore, it is advised to go through a VPN provider’s privacy policies before deciding to opt for one. The majority of users utilize this service to unblock geo-restricted content as that shown on Netflix or securely browse the web on their devices at public hotspots.

The reason VPN service is popular in terms of keeping your online privacy intact is that it has a set of secure VPN protocols offering strong encryption. A user may also choose their own level of protection from these VPN protocols. When the data flow through the secure VPN tunnel, it becomes encrypted. The encrypted data is not easily intercepted by anyone, not even trained online hackers, therefore your data remains protected on the internet.

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What Is Unblock Proxy?

Typically, an unblock proxy acts like a web filter and is known to be an intermediary for your electronic device and the internet.

Since it’s completely browser-based, it only works on a web browser. This tool cannot be used independently without having a web browser set in place. With the help of its proxy settings, unblock proxy will secure your internet traffic only via a web browser. You cannot expect it to protect you completely or to offer any other additional benefits while using different apps and desktop clients.

It works along the similar lines as that of a VPN service in terms of hiding your IP address, allowing online anonymity and viewing blocked content on the internet only with an exception of not encrypting your online data. It will allow you to get around geo-restrictions and also make you appear anonymous on the internet by hiding your IP address but it will not be able to protect your online data from the snoopers. Yes, unlike a VPN service, it does not encrypt your data. And since your data is no longer encrypted, it is available wide-open in the online space and can be easily accessed by the online hackers and other prying eyes.

VPN Or Unblock Proxy? You Decide!

After giving out a detailed discussion on both the tools, we believe it would be easier for you to decide which works best for to keep online privacy intact. Both of the tools do offer online anonymity but a VPN service beats unblock proxy in terms of better online privacy and security. The reason VPN is slightly preferred over unblock proxy is due to former’s ability to encrypt the data. With a VPN service, your internet traffic gets encrypted, you can easily bypass geo-restricted and filtered content, and your online data remains safe from everyone unless your VPN provider maintains a strict privacy policy and claims not to keep logs of your information. We wouldn’t suggest stop using unblock proxy altogether as it can be fairly used for casual, non-sensitive online activity.

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