A lot of families keep pets but managing their mess remains every homeowner’s biggest worry. Pet hair and paw marks everywhere, as well as pet dander odor, make life unbearable. It gets to a point you may even contemplate doing away with all your pets.

Fortunately, in the recent past, with the coming of specially designed robot vacuum cleaners for pets, life is much easier. However, the elephant in the room remains, what makes a good vacuum cleaner for pet hair? In this article, we have discussed some of the features you should look out for when buying a pet hair robot vacuum cleaner.

Pet Friendliness

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How will your pets be reacting to this small buzzer, especially during the first days? Some pets feel intimidated and may react while others remain perplexed and often shy away from it. However, a good vacuum for pets should be pet-friendly. First, its operation noise should be low. I have a Roomba 980 and one thing I don’t like is the irritating noise it emits when on Carpet Boost mode. Whenever it is working on carpets, it is normally a confrontation with my dog. At times, things get heated and it starts to charge at the Roomba, something that may end up disastrous. Besides, it should be moving around is a calm fashion; not in a dash and not very slowly. Pets love riding on them as seen in this video. bObsweep is among the brands best known for their pet-friendliness and a good model for this is the bObsweep PetHair and bObsweep PetHair Plus.

However, this should not be much of a bother because what matters most is how effective is a vac’s action on pet hair.

Efficient Vacuum And Filtration System

To ensure all pet hair is sucked into the bin, make sure you buy a cleaner with high suction power. This ensures that even in the deep corners, under furniture and deep inside carpets, vacuuming is at its peak. I particularly like the Eufy RoboVac 11+ with PowerBoost and Roomba 980 that has 10x more air power. It sucks pet hair in a flash; perfect for those with Chartreux cats, Ragamuffin cats, Alaskan Malamutes, GSD and other pets that shed a lot of hair.

There’s nothing that puts to test vacuum cleaners like their ability to ensure the air remains pure, breathable, and free from all pet allergens. One of the most stubborn things to filter is pet dander. The tiny microscopic fleck of skin and other pet-related allergens need to be filtered out completely as they are serious allergy triggers. Here, I highly recommend the Roomba 980 which has a high-efficiency filter that gets rids of 99% of allergens. The bObsweep PetHair and Eufy RoboVac 11+ are also worthy contenders considering they have HEPA filters which are recommended by several Asthma organizations.

Anti-Tangle Brush System

I have owned several robot cleaners for my pets and one thing I hated was tangling. Time and again, you will find the cleaner stalled and rumbling because of tangled brushes. Sometimes, long pet hair ends up coiling in the brushes and lastly, the vac jams. If you have long haired dog breeds like Bearded Collie, Yorkshire Terrier, or Havanese, I suggest you take this very seriously. I’ve had to trade several vacuum cleaners because of tangling. Fortunately, I found the Roomba 980 that has a tangle-free brush system.

Just to add something regarding the brushes, I would recommend that you also look for something that has edge sweeping. This is because most pet hair tends to settle on wall edges so an edge or at least a side sweeping brush will be the best.

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Cleaning Extras

Different brands entice their customers with one or two unique features. It would be a great idea if you check out a robot cleaner with a few extras that can make managing pets easier.

One great feature to watch out for here is mopping function. While many robot cleaners offer only sweeping and vacuuming, there are others with mopping function. This can be a great feature that will ensure all the paw marks are thoroughly cleaned from the floors. It is imperative to note that some cleaners offer dry mopping only while others have water tanks for wet mopping too.

Another great feature would be UV sterilization that ensures floors remain germ-free. This is a great feature that uses UV rays to sterilize floors as the last cleaning stage. If you want this feature in your pet hair vac, I suggest you check out bObsweep PetHair.

There are many other extras that vacuum cleaners come with. If you are shopping for one, here is a great review of the best robot vacuum cleaners for pet hair that should be on your wish list.

Navigation And Maneuverability

Another aspect you need to carefully consider is the navigation and maneuverability. Most pets relax in deep corners and under furniture where they scratch themselves thus shedding more hair and fur. For this reason, a good pet hair vacuum cleaner should be able to reach these areas and thoroughly suck all the pet hair and dander. Important considerations here are the navigation system and the height of the vac. In terms of navigation, the 980 still rocks courtesy of the VSLAM navigation that they share with the Dyson 360 Eye. However, I find the Dyson Eye very tall and won’t fit under most furniture. It is 1.1-inch taller than the Roomba which at 3.6-inches high, it is also considered a flaw considering there are 2.9-inch high vacuum cleaners.

Wrap Up

Remember, these are not the only features to look out for when you are shopping for the best pet hair cleaners. Still, you have to consider other aspects for example floor cleaning area, suction power, Smart features, scheduling and so on. So, if you are struggling with pet messes, get a robot vacuum cleaner for pet hair today and enjoy your stay with your pets!

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