VetForce is a Salesforce education for veterans and it’s completely free. “What is Salesforce?” you ask. It’s a fair question, if you’re not in the CRM-in-the-cloud space, you probably don’t know much about them. Salesforce (NYSE: CRM) is an old (16 years) dotcom that got it’s start in the Customer Relationship Management space, in the cloud. They’ve since branched out to many more clouds (Sales, Service, Marketing, to name a few). In the interest of full disclosure I work for them as a Sr Instructor and I am biased, I love the company I work for. When they create non-profit organizations like VetForce, I love them even more.


VetForce came along as a way to get 10,000 veterans jobs. The concept is simple, register on the site, enter your DD214 data for verification and viola, you’re eligible for free training. “What does the training do for you?” you ask. That’s another fair question. The training is geared to earning your certification. Salesforce offers 12 certifications on their platform at the time of this article. These certifications range from Certified Salesforce Administrator all the way to Certified Technical Architect. They tend to get hard as they go. Some are geared toward consultants and some are geared more towards developers or marketers. All of them have training content available for vets (and the families of vets) on the VetForce website.

Start by signing up at VetForce. It’s quick and simple. Just a few fields, okay maybe more than that, but it’s not difficult form. Once you’ve submitted your registration you can click the “Verify Your Service” link on the left. Just a few more details from your discharge (or your family members discharge) and you’ll be ready to get started. Already you can see some videos are available to you.

There’s also a site called TrailHead that’s free for everyone and a great place to start, it’s not just for VetForece members. It covers the basic Administrator and App Builder tracks quite well. Also, it will give you a solid start on the Platform Developer track. Other options for training include the self-paced content that’s restricted to Premier customers of Salesforce. Once you’re accepted in to the program you can have access to this content free of charge. It’s quality self-paced video’s with accompanying practice environments and exercises to help you understand what you’re learning. Finally, there are partners that will engage you with classroom-style training in major metropolitan area’s across the United States. Finally, there’s a community where you can get help and help others. Most of the members of this community are veterans themselves, so they understand many of the challenges facing the men and women getting back in to civilian life.

VetForce is a cool program for those brave souls that have pledged everything for their country. I for one am grateful for what they’ve done for me and very happy Salesforce offers this opportunity. What’s more, it’s working. There are several wonderful success stories on the site show-casing some of those who’ve succeeded in the early days of this program.

Maybe you aren’t a vet, but you’d like to hire one. This is the site for you, especially if you’re using Salesforce in your organization. There’s a special signup area for employers. Once you’re account is active you can start telling the site what kind of position you have and it’ll start to provide vets with the qualifications you’re looking for. You know you’re getting a quality employee when you hire a veteran. They know how to stick to a task until it’s done, they love the structure of the work-place and there is not a more loyal employee. You’re faith in them will not be misplaced.

What if you’re not a veteran, you’re not an employer…but you just want to help. Yep, they’ve got that covered too. There’s a link for volunteers too. Honestly, there’s not a lot going on with volunteers yet but they’re working on it, building their resources. They’re looking for mentors, advisors, career placement, veteran service organizations and donors. If you think you can help out, sign up!

Website: VetForce For Veterans

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