Hello readers. I wanted to bring you an update to an editorial I wrote last week about my issues with T-Mobile. As you may remember, I had been dealing with T-Mobile for three billing cycles or more to get back over $200 I put down on a phone that I returned only. Not only that but while waiting for them to refund my money I had to also pay for the phone monthly and I found out later on down the road I was paying on the phone I ended up with twice. That’s three monthly payments and I only had one phone. If you’d like a full recap of the story, be sure to check out the full article: T-Mobile: A Story Of Love, Anger And Disappointment.

Before I get into anything else, I want to thank those of you who commented on our Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus pages and Reddit. Some told me I was dumb for how I went about this and that’s fine. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I certainly don’t claim that I handled it in the most efficient way possible. Others shared stories of similar situations and expressed support. Thanks to each and every one of you that reached out. Not only did T-Force (T-Mobile’s social media support team) reach out through twitter  and on reddit but so did some officials from T-Mobile including COO Mr. Mike Sievert. In emailing with Mr. Sievert and Mr. Art Lucero, who is the Director of the Executive Response office, I was put in touch with Will who is a member of the executive response team.

The response from T-Mobile was nothing short of fantastic. Within minutes of talking to Will I had the extra phone removed from my account and we discussed the path ahead for T-Mobile and how they deal with their warehouse orders. I was very pleased with how the call went. After an offhand comment about how disappointed I’ve been with the Galaxy S6 since I purchased it, Will offered to swap me out a new phone of my choosing. I certainly wasn’t angling for that but it was a very nice touch and I really appreciated it. I now have an LG G4 and I’m sending back the Galaxy S6 which will be taken off my account.

I love how T-Mobile responded to this. When you have a serious problem and respond in such a manner, I believe it shows you care. But, I wish I didn’t have to write a blog post, tweet John Legere and Des and be passed up the food chain to get resolution. In an ideal world, I could have taken care of this with customer care months ago. And to their credit, T-Mobile says they’re looking at ways to make returning phones to the warehouse easier on customers that need to do so. So credit where credit is due. They’re looking at the problem and trying to fix the flaws in their company when they pop up.

Going forward, I feel like this issue is one T-Mobile will be focusing on. They know it’s a pain point and the whole “UnCarrier” movement is about removing carrier pain points from consumer’s lives. I wrote in my original article that “But they (T-Mobile) make it really hard to love them.” I think that hurdles still remain but it gets easier to get behind the company when they show they kind of interest in solving a problem that I’ve seen. Everyone I talked to was apologetic and I felt like they genuinely wanted to fix the issue. I hope that more of the attention to detail and power that the Executive Response team possess trickle down to regular customer service reps.

All-in-all, I’m happy with the way this has turned out. T-Mobile went the extra mile to solve my problem and made me a happy customer. I hope they continue reaching out to extreme cases like this one and continue to change the policies in place that some cause pain to some of their consumers, but I think they’re on the right path.

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