Why A Laptop Is A Student’s Need

When you look at younger generations today, all you could see is technology. Many times, you find the finest electronic gadgets in their possession. In other cases, you find them searching for some parts to complement their gadgets. Nothing can be said of technology today without mentioning the younger generation.

The need for owning these devices does not only arise from peer pressure or mere luxury but also because these electronic gadgets have become a necessity for the youths, particularly college and high school students. One such device that’s a necessity is the laptop.

Student Laptop Use In College

There are different models and designs of laptops available. And with every student owning one, now is the time to get yours as well. Any student without a laptop in this modern world feel pressured. Although a laptop is not a luxurious piece that determines your social status, it is a basic need for every student.

Given its portable size, students can carry their assignments with them easily and more conveniently. They don’t have to depend on the college computer anymore. They can complete consult professional writing service for their persuasive essay thesis anytime, anywhere.

Here are some of the reasons why students need a laptop:

  • Today, schools now incorporate multimedia presentations and tasks in their curriculum. This requires that every student must have their own individual laptop computers. They can use a wide range of computer applications to help in achieving their academic objective.
  • College students spend most of the time studying. To complete some tasks, they need a computer. A personalized computer such as a laptop comes in handy at this time.
  • Some assignments require deep research which can be gotten easily from the internet. With a laptop, they can surf the internet and utilize all the available resources to their advantage. The internet is home to varied resources and a laptop makes getting the much desired information easier and faster.
  • Life is all about interaction. Every student need to interact socially. There are lots of forums and group chats created specifically for academic purpose. Student can share valuable information on these platforms with other students, and complete difficult projects as a team. For all these reasons, students need a laptop for better communication.
  • Many students have a part-time work. In order to keep up with lectures, they sign-up for online courses. With a laptop, they can be able to attend classes anywhere, anytime. All they have to do is to stay connected by logging on to their laptop.

Laptop Buying Guide

Your choice of a laptop depends on many different factors including usage. If you’re a graphics student, then you sure need a laptop that can handle your design projects without complications. Thanks to the many design applications available, graphics designing has never been easier.

With the help of a reliable laptop and a few tools, creating and editing images is a lot easier. However, if you are considering taking up graphic designing as a career after graduations, you must invest in laptop computers designed specifically for graphic designing.

Remarkably, there are different types of laptops that fit any budget for graphics designers on the market, the slight difference will be in their features. High end graphic design laptops will come with far greater features than its counterparts. Your choice of laptop for graphics design varies and it is based on specific needs. However, there are some things you must look out for. These include memory, disk speed, processor speed and screen resolution. 

Laptop For College Kids Image 1

Disk Speed

Disk speed plays a vital role in determining the performance level of every laptop. High speed guarantees that your programs launch without delay. The disk options available include Hard Disk Drives and Solid State Drives. Hard Disks come with metal disks that rotate at great speed while Solid State Drives comes with many different memory chips.

They both have their own pros and cons. In terms of price, hard disks are more cost effective and when it comes to speed and durability, give it to Solid State Drives. If you decide to go with hard disk drives, then it should be no less than 7200 rpm disk speed. For the storage, you should consider buying a 1TB drive – that should be just perfect.

Screen Resolution

For the screens, go for one with a minimum dimension of 1200 * 800 pixels. Anything lesser will not function as expected and chances are your programs may not work just the way you want it.

Moreover, a vast majority of the display devices available are Twisted Nematic (TN) panels, and they are highly affordable. But the downside is that they produce low quality. So while shopping for good graphic design laptop, choose display devices that comes with Vertical Alignment (VA) panels.

For higher quality, retina display devices will be a perfect choice. While standard devices have a resolution of 7z pixels, retina displays feature as much as 410 Pixels Per Inch (PPI).

Processor Speed

In your quest for a graphics laptop, you need to go for devices with more than 1GHz processor speed. If you find any system with higher processor speed, that’s a plus. And if you are financially capable to buy a device with more than 1 GHz, don’t hold back – pay for it already and earn yourself a ticket into the world of great speed.


Many people interchange RAM with storage memory. RAM serves a completely different purpose and it serves as the forefront of the system’s mind. Since you’re going into graphics designing, you need a much bigger RAM. An 8 gig RAM provides the much needed environment that guarantees smooth running of the programs. If you have the cash, go for a higher one.

As a graphics designer, you don’t need a fanciful laptop but one that can cater to your specific needs and requirements. List out the features you want in a computer, hit the stores, grab one and start designing.

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