Currently, one of the most used media for kids to go online are devices with the Android operating system, both mobile phones and tablets. They access innumerable web pages through these devices. These pages may have valuable information for them or some damaging content such as pornography, drug information, etc.; and you, being a parent cannot get to know what they see at what time until you be the helicopter parents or go tech-savvy.

Helicopter parenting is about snooping on kids, which can ultimately hurt the bond between you two so, the other option seems more feasible. To help you make the right decision, here we have compiled the names of top 3 parental control apps for Android. Pick the one that goes well with your requirements.

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Norton Parental Control

Norton parental control is a nice option for those who are looking for any advanced application, filled many more features.

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Norton is undoubtedly a feature-rich application, but it requires more dedication on initial configuration and at least some basic knowledge at the user level. With it, you can monitor and limit visited websites, daily schedule limits use of the device, set alerts, monitor social networks, etc. It also has a paid version that introduces yet more tools of control.

FamilyTime Parental Control App For Android

Another application with a good variety of options is FamilyTime. It’s a parental control app for Android that keeps parents updated about with their kids’ activities all around the clock.

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FamilyTime is a feature-filled application that offers a wide range of functionalities to help parents protect their kids not just in the cyber world in in the real scenario too. The long list of features includes, Web Monitoring, mobile monitoring, location tracking, Geo-fencing, screen-limit options, panic and PickMeUp alerts, etc. All these features empower parents to keep a keen eye on their kids while having their consent. FamilyTime helps mitigate the risks of the cyber world by enabling parents to understand their children’s online activities and taking appropriate actions on time. The best part of FamilyTime is that the software is available for all web-enabled devices i.e smartphones and tablets, etc. and is available for a free trial on Google Play.

Android Kaspersky Parental Control

Kaspersky is a big name dedicated to antivirus and security systems. From this well-known firm, there is an application known as Android Kaspersky parental control app, which is still in ‘beta’, it is a tool that blocks access to other applications installed by using the password. It also limits the access to pages with inappropriate content for children. The application is available for free and on phones and tablets both.

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Pick the option that fits in your affordability and requirement set to ensure your kids’ safety in the cyber world.

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