It’s no point to argue about importance of QA. We already know it’s pivotal, especially given it’s 2016. Yes, a single look at the calendar is the best way of determining the actual importance of technological quality. Why? Because you didn’t know the date from paint and paper! You’ve checked your iPhone in the morning.

Tech is literally everywhere. Actual millions of applications are available to fit every single need a person might have.

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But QA Is Expensive

Aren’t all of the best things in this world worth a lot? Even values like friendship or love require investments of time, effort and dedication. So why question the necessity to pay for quality?

Luckily your investments can be minimized when it comes to something less important than immortal values. QA can be automated. That’s how you transform an investment into profit by gaining from ROI.  But what are the cool kids using in 2016 to automate app tests?

Some of the finest QA solutions can either be found by using services or in the text below.

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Best Test Automation Tools

  • TestComplete. This is an amazing solution for engineers who prefer the flexibility of Windows tests without actually using the OS. Web, iOS, Android and MS apps can be tested from via a single solution. Plus there’s access to Git, MS TFS, Mercurial as well as Subversion. Nice. Note that the app uses its own data format. Additionally, the solution has stunning visualization and suits less technical testers as well.    
  • Telerik Test Studio. MS Visual Studio users rejoice – your day has come. Tech and coding skills are essential for use of this solution but isn’t it a small price to pay for programmers who are able to contribute?  Basically you get both dev and test environments in a single place. Neat!
  • eggPlant functional. A fine solution for Linux or Mac lovers allows a great experience with mixed environments. You will be able to test UI with scripts after software records is. The script is familiar to the BASIC coding language thus simple “if” statements can be added. This makes the process simple for everyone interested in creation of variables or loops. Even testers without experience can pick the language up with considerable ease.
  • Appium. If you are testing mobile – this has been and will be your go-to choice regardless of the day, month or year on your calendar.
  • Perfecto Mobile. This was a handy lab of real devices emulated into the virtual world. Today we have an entire platform for automation against an impressive network or actual devices. Who can say no to that?  

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