Marketing technology, or Martech for short, is changing rapidly. Devising the right marketing strategies, implementing relevant IT operations, and adapting a certain amount of agility is essential to have success with Martech.

If your business aims to excel in this area for the coming years, it makes sense to know how to plan a MarTech strategy that aligns well with the MarTech trends in 2020. There are several trends you should know about before taking your business to the next level:

Voice Search Will Be The Game Changer

Voice Search is getting popular in e-commerce. This might also be the year when around half of all voice-commerce and global searches will equal a market worth about $40 billion.

However, SEO is still going to be pretty important because voice searches are mainly used for finding local businesses. Therefore, the best bet is to optimize your website accordingly. Even if you’re new to SEO, you always have the opportunity to take help from Thunderhawk.

Data Unification Will Help Create A Competitive Edge

With data unification, you can offer that coveted interconnected experience for our customers. With so much data on hand now, you need to consolidate it all in a single-view mode. This is essential if you want to help your audience understand data and use it for shopping online.

Data management has many solutions, such as Customer Data Platforms, Data Management Platforms, and Customer Intelligence Platforms. It’s still a huge effort, so it’s high time that business owners should give serious thought to data unification.

Mobile Device Experiences Will Be There Again

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With life getting busier every moment, people expect a distraction-free and mobile-friendly experience while visiting any e-commerce website. A whopping 90 percent of Southeast Asian internet users make use of their phone to connect, purchase, and search for what they need.

This trend opens up a whole new arena of the digital marketing game. With in-app features and loyalty-creating promotions, the face of e-commerce is set to change once again. The best way to attract customers now is to invest in a mobile-first approach and use AI for shifting the focus to a personalized experience.

More Video Means More Tech

In 2020, there are chances that your potential customers will be spending more time in front of their mobile and laptop screen than with the television screen. This means that video consumption is on the rise, with the estimated revenue from AVOD (Advertising Video on Demand) all set to double.

With this shift, we can expect the scope of video analytics to grow. We will also see the development of technology geared towards this trend. This indicates that it’s time to delve into that area as well.

Using Machine Learning Is The New Way Of Doing Business

AI has been around for quite a long time now, and we’ll see machine learning playing a larger role in 2020. A surge in real-time personalized advertising is what you should focus on to align your business with this trend. You can also provide a personalized experience to your customers without having a human handle any detail.

You Will See Companies Investing In More AR And VR

There’s probably going to be a lot of investment in AR and VR shortly. Therefore, current companies should look into inculcating these concepts within their strategies. One example is that of the Maxis Lion Dance Campaign creating AR pop-ups right on a printed platform. Holographic technology is another example through which you can make your clients sit up and pay attention.

The Takeaway

Observing Martech and engaging in it means that we should analyze the online markets and their dynamic nature. There are a lot of shifts in the marketplace right now, and following the right trends is one of the best ways to stay ahead.

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