As someone who is concerned with the environment, I am always looking for technology to take that next step in helping maintain and support positive changes. My fiancee stumbled upon a Indiegogo project dealing with exactly that. Enter the Open Source Beehive Project. Back in March, they provided a press release on what kind of project this is, and the community it serves.

From The Release

The Open Source Beehive Project is made up of a team spanning the globe. Denver, Barcelona and Brussels are the cities on the list. These technologists, ecologists and bee experts teamed up to create ecologically friendly beehives which assist the bee community, in addition to being easy on the environment. The plans can be downloaded and cut by a CNC router using only one 4’x8′ sheet of wood.

Irresponsible companies and the officials regulating them have allowed this crisis to happen, and are not acting fast enough,

says Tristan Copley Smith.

We are frustrated by this, so we designed a system that is accessible to everybody concerned about bee decline. We want everyone to contribute to the solution.

Industrial beehives often sacrifice bee colony health for maximizing honey production. But the Open Source Beehive Project has designed two “biodynamic” hives that create a low stress environment for bee colonies. This will allow the hives to thrive.


The reason for the crowdsourcing is as such. These beehives were also designed to be connected. The goal initially is to allow the beehive owner, to receive alerts specific to the health of the colony. This Indiegogo project was started specifically to boost development, including a sensor board for the kits. This would connect to an open database called the Smart Citizen program.

Using the sensors, the system would track many variables in the hive, like temperature, humidity, geolocation and even the mood of the colony. This data will be made available online to access via computer or even smartphones. They’ve gone as far as even wanting to create a warning system to let the owners know if there is an issue with the hive.

They are hoping to design a global network of hives, which will all be communicating, and allowing for the study of the colonies over a broad range of locations and environments. This will all be generating crowd sourced data that will aid in policy changes for the future regarding honey bee health.


These are the types of crowdfunded technology I like to see occuring. Honey bees provide a necessary service for farmers and gardeners alike. The statistics alone are somewhat hard to fathom. Last year, in the USA alone, 31% of bee colonies disappeared. Being that they are a crucial part of the pollination process, having someone come up with a technological advance to increase their numbers, is fantastic.

The networking of hives shows they are interested in more than just throwing this into the mix. They want to gather information on the hives and the honey bees in turn. This can provide good data, in addition to teaching us about the honey bee. Have a look at the website below and the Indiegogo project (which has closed at this time, but has good information).

Website: Open Source Beehive Project
Indiegogo: Open Source Beehive Project

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