It seems like only yesterday that the Samsung S8 hype was spinning the mobile phone industry into a frenzy. Techies and gadget lovers alike couldn’t help but speculate about what Samsung would offer us with their latest release. Not less than a year later we find ourselves in the exact same position as we await with bated breath to discover what Samsung can do to improve on the model with the release of their S9 and S9+, set to launch on February 25th.

The leaks around the S9 models have been working their way across the web for months now, meaning that we probably shouldn’t expect too many surprises at the launch. That being said, Samsung like to push mobile innovation as far possible, and with the iPhone X rocking the industry only a few months ago, Samsung will be hoping to be hot on Apple’s heels in sales.

What Will The S9/S9+ Look Like?

Trusted review sites such as Tech Radar tell us that apparently we shouldn’t expect too many changes when it comes to the design of the new handset. Samsung seem to stick to their guns when it comes to the design of their S/S+ series now; huge display, infinity screen and minimalist design. We should expect 5.8 inches of display with the S9, while the S9+ will boast a 6.2 inch screen.

There are, however, rumours of the manufacturer implementing a 4K screen, as well as the brands patented glass technology. We’ll have to wait and see if these speculations prove to be true, but if so we can expect incredible graphics and seriously improved water resistance.

An impressive battery, thanks to the improved CPU on top of the pre-existing 3000mAh power pack that we saw come with the S8, will certainly get audiences excited – high spec phones with powerful processors that can manage to last over a day are few and far between.

What Can We Expect From The Camera?

The Samsung marketing for their new release focuses heavily on improved camera capabilities. The whole campaign focuses on ‘The Camera. Reimagined’ with the hashtag #dowhatyoucant to really get tongues wagging.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Image 1

The brand is heavily pushing the potential for improved quality low-light pictures with an alleged 12MP dual-aperture sensor that will allow the camera quality to alter depending one external conditions. With Apple having pushed the iPhone camera capabilities in recent years, Samsung are clearly looking to rival them with this new improvement.

How Much Will It Cost?

With its $1000 price tag the iPhone X certainly caused a few raised eyebrows following it’s launch, not that it deterred loyal Apple consumers from purchasing. Samsung are being a little kinder to their customers with a rumoured additional £50 onto their starting price point; that means the S9 will start at just over £700. It’s still not going to be cheap, and the S9+ will cost even more, but it’s still much more affordable than the recent Apple release and shouldn’t deter too many Samsung fanatics. You can buy the new Galaxy here at

Is It Worth It?

So will the S9 be worth the upgrade? While the high price point may deter some buyers, Fonehouse offer the cheapest mobile phone deals in the UK market currently, so be sure to check their offers following the launch. Samsung may be staying true to their style with minimal design amendments, but the vast improvements across battery, camera and innovative screen technology will be sure to make this phone a top contender in the coming months. After the success of both the S7 and the S8 ranges, we’re fairly sure Samsung won’t have too much to worry about in terms of further triumphs, and with a following as big as theirs, the brand can rest assured that their loyal customer base are sure to stay faithful and rejoice over the new release.

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