I love food, eating food, and cooking food. Modern cooking is definitely evolving, and I like it!

Although home cooked meals are not necessarily as frequent as they were in the past, one of the hardest questions to answer is often “What should I make for dinner?” This simple question can cause such distress due to a multitude of factors. ‘Do I have any ingredients?’ ‘Do I have enough time?’ ‘How do I know it will turn out?’ Well, thanks to the technology we have at the tips of our fingers, all of these things have changed how and what we’re cooking, reducing the chances of your dinners becoming a burnt lump of unrecognizable, gelatinous sludge, thus causing you to forego making dinner next time you have such a ridiculous idea, and just ordering in instead.

Years ago recipes were only available in books, or handed down through the generations in the form of closely guarded family secrets. While that still is the case for many, (I myself have recipes that have been in my family for years) now we frequently look to other means of figuring out what to make for dinner. I adore cooking, and learning new recipes or techniques, and I find myself using the same means each time to discover new and exciting recipes to try.

Websites Aimed At Modern Cooking

I’d like to talk about one in particular, that being Allrecipes.com, as this site is by far my number one go to. Founded in 1997, by Carl Lipo, Dan Shepherd, Mark Madsen, Michael Pfeffer, David Quinn, and Tim Hunt, it started small with a collection of cookie recipes, and grew from there after quickly becoming popular. After slowly increasing the websites they had with this theme of recipes, and moving through different specific items (cakes, etc) they decided to amalgamate the sites into one ginormous recipe database. The recipes on this site come from the community. Family secrets are no longer secrets. You can browse recipes by season (autumn, winter, spring, summer), type of course (appetizer, side dish, main course, dessert, etc), and ingredients. There are also search filters available for a specific item (chicken for example), cooking methods (BBQ, baking, etc), or even by nutritional facts with the ability to specify the calorie amount, fat, and carbohydrates in your dish (for those of us watching our waist lines).

There is a membership available with two options, the free version which allows you to save recipes to your favourites, create a meal plan for the week and then with the click of a button, create a grocery list to go shopping. Or a paid version which has the cost of less than a dollar per month. This subscription based version has the added features of being able to create a meal plan with dinner and party menus that are not available to everyone, edit recipes that are already posted, and additional printing and search options. You can also start your own cooking blog from here. Both members are able to add comments to recipes posted as well, and rate the recipes they have tried.

The big reason why I love allrecipes.com for my modern cooking adventures, is the ease of use. I am likely one of the more annoying grocery shoppers you could find, due to the fact that I love to go down each and every single aisle at a grocery store. Sometimes I wander the aisles and see something I’ve never had before, but that I want to eat. Often times when I  have these urges, I have no idea what I’m going to make with it or even the slightest clue on how to make it taste like something edible. I never worry, because I know that I can do a simple search for the random item I’ve procured, and I will quickly have a recipe to try out.

Mobile Devices Aimed At Modern Cooking

Pick your poison (smartphone, tablet, etc) having a mobile device to aide you while you cook is the bomb diggity. I pick a recipe I want to make, get it loaded on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (the bigger the better when it comes to reading a recipe!) and I cook. But it’s just as easy to follow recipes on papers you say? Well, to that I would like to call out the fact that using your mobile device saves the world! Well, maybe not the world, but it definitely reduces the amount of paper I print off and then spill all over while I’m in my cooking groove (thank you to screen protectors for protecting my smartphone!)

Modern Cooking Featured

Now, I don’t always use recipe websites for my cooking. There have been a lot of times where I’ve asked for a friend or family member to provide me with a recipe (you know those times when you go to dinner at your mother-in-laws and the food is off the chain good). This is where Google Drive comes in and saves the day. I have folders with each kind of recipe, organized in a similar fashion to what you might find on a recipe site. If I receive a recipe from someone, I quickly have it transferred to my Google Drive, and again, it’s right at the tip of my fingers when I cook. I can also then easily share these recipes with others, without having to copy it down again.

Modern cooking is constantly evolving, and I for one am super excited about seeing what the future has in store with all the new appliances and mobile devices that are being released daily.

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