The first digital watch was introduced back in 70’s, which could store 24 characters. Go a few years ahead, and there was the first calculator watch. Go back to 2012, Pebble, one of the most successful crowd-funding projects was released. Come back to the Present, and you will find Android Wear. We are entering a new world and Smartwatches are passively replacing our smart phones. Personally, I’m rocking the good old Pebble, and it’s sweet, sweet convenience.

The Old


I’ll start off with the watch I use. The old, yet a nifty little smartwatch – Pebble. The first thing that attracted me to it was its innovative concept. It just started a whole new era of smartwatches. It was one of the very first proper smartwatches according to me. It was designed based on a concept describing that a watch could display notifications from an iPhone or Android powered device.

The Pebble wasn’t a hardware wonder. However, it promised to make your daily life easier by providing your calls, emails, texts and other notifications on your wrist, while reducing the need of taking your phone out of your pocket often, which it partially fulfilled, because you couldn’t really interact with the notifications. There are 1000+ apps on its app store including useful little apps and even games. But, many people did not like the looks, or many thought that spending 150$ on such a device was not worth it.

The New

Android Wear

Google Announced ‘Android Wear Platform’ during its 2014 I/O conference along with other variants of Android. This new platform, made by Google, runs on several devices as of now. Like the LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live and the upcoming Moto 360, which I’m really excited about.

Android wear is an extension of Google Now. It has a lot of potential and it could be a success. If developers are going the right way, it cannot be stressed enough how much the developers are important. There are a lot of upgrades here over the pebble – Design, hardware, software and functionality. The ability to say ‘OK Google’ and then ask the watch almost whatever you want is simply amazing. It’s been out since a short time and already apps like a special keyboard, launcher and others have surfaced on its store. And it’s just another variant of Android, so who knows if you could root it and play native Android games like the Galaxy Gear?

The Moto 360 looks visually stunning as a smartwatch. Its round display makes it look pretty good. And many people didn’t like smartwatches previously, the reason being the square, bulky looks. At least that’s what kept me from buying the pebble, but I finally did. So it’s definitely a step up. The only downside here is going to be the price. The G Watch is worth more than the Moto G. The Moto 360 could be priced even more, due to its stunning looks and the round display.

Its Future

Smartwatches still need wide acceptance. Its pricing plays an important role here. I wouldn’t pay $250 for the G Watch until it has a nice collection of apps ready. The average consumer won’t spend so much money on an emerging technology. Again, the developers need to work their magic here. The design also plays a vital role. There have been awesome concepts of smartwatches surfacing on the internet, like on Behance.

This brings me to the conclusion. Should you buy it? Smartwatches have been gaining hype. Their abilities are improving progressively. Is it a good value? For me, it is. Its abilities just baffle tech enthusiasts like me. Do I see wide acceptance within a period of a decade? Yes, I definitely do. We have progressed from calculator watches to watches that can do millions of calculations per second and watches that listen to your voice, and I think that there’s still more to come.

Website: Pebble Smartwatches
Website: AndroidWear
Website: LG G Watch
Website: Motorola Moto360

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