There’s obviously no doubt about the fact that smartwatches are our future. Or they will at least be a big part of our future and those days are coming quick. We’ve now seen smartwatches such as the LG G Watch, Samsung Galaxy Gear, and others. Personally, I’m currently rocking a Martian Notifier by Martian Watches and this is what brings me to giving some of my own personal thoughts to smartwatches of today and what we’re going to see with Android Wear and beyond.

Let me start off with what I’m currently using, which as mentioned above is the Martian Notifier watch. Of course it’s a first generation smartwatch if you will. Meaning, it’s made prior to all of this Android Wear stuff that was recently released to the public and is the buzz every where you go. There’s no fancy graphical interface like you saw on the LG G Watch and the Samsung Galaxy Gear Live that all the Google I/O attendees received. It’s not like the Moto360 either, except for the fact that it’s black, the one I have at least, and that it does have a round face. That’s pretty much where the similarities end.

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The first thing that attracts me to a watch, regardless if it’s a smartwatch or not, is the looks and what the design of the watch face is. I currently own a Fossil watch that’s about 9 years old that has a rectangle face on it, and the Martian Notifier as you can see has a round face. I’m not much for square stuff, as most of you know when I write about icons and show off my home screen with icons all over it.

As you can see above, the Martian Notifier is actually an attractive looking watch. Something that I’d wear out to dinner or something like that. It gives me notifications from my phone via Bluetooth, and makes absolutely no noise. Very handy if you’re in meetings, doing a job interview or whatever. Just a quick glance and you can get the notifications you want scrolling across the little LCD screen.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t do all the things that Android Wear will allow you to do with watches such as those mentioned above like the LG G Watch, Moto360 and others that we’ll be seeing soon. And that’s something that I want to touch on. What I think we’re going to be looking at and what exactly we should be ready to see in the near future.

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The release of Android Wear is really going to push us into the next phase of smartwatches. Smartwatches will soon be doing so much more from our wrist than they obviously do now. You will be able to talk to your watch just like you do your phone to be able to check for a recipe, send a text message, set an alarm or many other things.

While it’s nice to get my notifications on the Martian Notifier right now, to see it in a more graphical experience on my wrist like I do when I pick up my phone will be absolutely amazing. To look down at my wrist and check the current temperature, or to see the upcoming forecast for the rest of the day, or maybe even tomorrow when I’m thinking about doing a little BBQ’ing outdoors will be very handy.

Currently I can’t do that, as I’m very limited in what I can see and what I can do with my current smartwatch. And to make things clear, this isn’t a bad thing. Just a year or so ago, I couldn’t even do what I’m capable of doing now, and that alone impresses me.

The thought of just saying: Ok Google, and then practically anything after that just baffles my mind. Even more so to know that while it won’t be on a large 5+ inch display, but the fact that it’ll be right on my wrist and keep me from removing my phone out of my pocket is going to be the most amazing thing ever. Because for me, I wear a watch 24/7/365 so that alone is going to be hugely beneficial to me.

Do I see Android Wear succeeding and becoming as big of a market as we have seen over the last 10+ years with cell phones? Absolutely I do. In fact, I think it will eventually over take the cell phone market at some point down the road. The reason being is because we are in a sense limited with cell phones, and that has become very apparent with wearables.

So the question I have for you is this. What do you think of the current state of wearables as well as what the future holds for us? Do you think it’s going to take over like cell phones have and to the point where everyone will have some sort of wearable on their person, or is this just a fad that might be around for a year or three? Let us know in the comments, and be as brief or as detailed as possible as we are definitely interested to hear what everyone thinks about what the future holds for us as far as this technology is concerned.

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  • I personally am not impressed enough with the smartwatch idea in its current form, not seen anything good about them to persuade me to buy one. If they can fit in something really radical on my wrist – like a whole smartphone experience – then maybe there is some hope.

    Otherwise as Steve Woz. says,

    “I want my smartphone here [on my wrist], but I really want the whole
    thing. I don’t just want a little Bluetooth connection to the
    smartphone in my pocket, because then it’s just an intermediary, an
    extra thing I buy to get what I already have, and have to carry anyway”

  • @toxicthunder:disqus I agree with all of that. However, I firmly believe AndroidWear is a HUGE step in that direction. Remember, this is all still in its infancy and in a couple of years or so, we’ll be were the Woz wants us to be. It’s not far off at all.

    Things that use AndroidWear will be much more than just a Bluetooth connection, as they will do a lot more than most things do. And with as quickly as technology evolves, we’ll have our phone on our wrists, necks, eyes or wherever in no time at all.