As time goes by it is a safe bet that you’ll probably end up accumulating a lot of unnecessary programs on your Mac. All those apps will take up space on your hard drive, and some may even be running in the background and using up RAM and processing power too.

On the surface it is easy enough to delete any unnecessary programs from your Mac, and the normal way is to just drag it over to your Trash then empty it. As much as that will get rid of the program however, sometimes other files may be left behind. Additionally this method can’t be used to remove any native OS X apps such as FaceTime, iTunes, Chess, Safari – as well as any apps that do not have an icon.

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There are several ways to get around this and manually delete apps (including OS X apps) but these methods tend to be complicated and may even require you to manually enter command lines. If some apps have their own uninstaller then you could use that, but that is a situational solution at best. Instead, the easiest way to cleanly uninstall programs on Mac that you don’t need is by using Movavi Mac Cleaner.

When you launch Movavi Mac Cleaner it will automatically begin to scan your Mac to locate junk files. If you like you can delete these files to free up some space, but if not you can head straight to the ‘Uninstaller’ feature that is located at the left side of the app. Once you select the feature it will scan your Mac to identify the apps that are installed, and list them.

Within the ‘Uninstaller’ you’ll find three tabs – ‘User Apps’, ‘OS X Apps’, and ‘Leftovers’. As you can probably guess the ‘User Apps’ will list any and all apps that you installed, whereas ‘OS X Apps’ will list native OS X apps instead. The ‘Leftovers’ tab is unique, as it will contain any files that may have been left behind when you tried to uninstall apps in the past.

In any case all you need to do is go to the appropriate tab, find the apps that you want to remove and check the boxes next to them. When you’re ready you can then click on the ‘Remove’ button and Movavi Mac Cleaner will remove all the programs that you selected while at the same time ensuring no leftovers remain.

As you can see this method of removing unnecessary programs from your Mac is a lot easier and faster – and at the same time will ensure that every trace of the app and all its files are completely gone. Considering it makes it so easy, you may even want to get into the habit of regularly checking what apps are installed on your Mac and using Movavi Mac Cleaner to remove any that you aren’t using – so that you can free up space and help keep your Mac’s performance up in the process.

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