Whether you’re senior or junior staff, there is always a desire to save on office spending. Office supplies have a way of chewing through your budget, which can lead your team to missing out on perks and special experiences. It also sets a bad example in your workforce about waste and corporate spending. As the new year takes shape, commit to saving money on essential office supplies by following these easy tips.

Quality First

It might sound strange, but sourcing quality products will save you money on your office supplies. Acquiring HP ink cartridges will set you up with a strong product that will not need to be changed out as often, or be wasted if the cartridge is not handled correctly. Cheaper cartridges are typically less reliable, leaving you with a bank up of products that are not reaching their full lifecycle and costing you a fortune. Products like the quality HP ink cartridges are used to their entirety, giving you longevity and a higher value from your spend. Lead with quality so that you can buy your office supplies only once, confident they will go the distance.

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Always Recycle

There are so many ways you can recycle your office supplies without having to drastically change your behaviour. Start small by saving used one-sided printed paper, and place them back in the feed tray to be used again. Alternatively, you can set up a basket for scrap paper that can be accessed by the whole workplace. Another one to recycle is letting your work community know when a new hire is starting, so any surplus office supplies can be donated to their desk to set them up with the right tools.

Education Is Key

Does your greater team know what sort of wastage you accrue each month? Start the education piece internally and share this knowledge with the team. Like all initiatives, you have a better chance at uptake if you place a champion in charge of your recycling and saving responsibilities. That’s not to say that every employee doesn’t have a critical part to play in the war on waste, but there should be a point of contact who is driving the team and alerting everyone of any wins or focuses.

It’s very important to be educated on how you can save money in various ways especially when you have an irregular income each month.

Assign An Allowance

There are some offices who simply avoid the headache of ordering and managing office supplies, and allow their staff to buy their own supplies by using their own allowance. Immediately there is a greater connection between the employee and their supplies because they chose what they liked and it is accountable to them. This structure will best suit a smaller business model, but it is worth exploring if you can get it off the ground.

Reward Efforts

As humans, we best respond to reward. By setting up recycling benchmarks in your team, you can actively track your progress and celebrate the wins along the way. Those benchmarks can be related to average supply cost spent, waste accrued, or the length of time since the last office supply purchase. It may even be worth reinvesting those saved funds into a workplace event or experience that can be enjoyed by all. You can even make it fun exercise with prizes and employees honoured each month.

There is a lot to be said about an office team who are actively working towards less waste and a reduced supply spend. For maximum engagement, make it a whole team focus and demonstrate the value of being less wasteful and more frugal.

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