Momentum Ventures in Montreal, Quebec is readying the launch of their newest online business. Having already busted onto the North American online travel space with FlightHub, Momentum Venturesnewest business, Alio, is finally getting close to taking off.

Built on the solid foundation pioneered by its spiritual predecessor FlightHub, Alio is set to tackle the American online travel space head-on. Featuring low-cost flights, hotels, and travel insurance, Alio is destined to become a go to online travel agency. Momentum Ventures CEO Matt Keezer thinks the sky is the limit with Alio, saying we believe we will be able to compete with Expedia and Priceline as a top online travel agency offering low-cost flights, hotels, and travel insurance to the American marketplace.

Alio is the product of Momentum Venturestested strategy of building winning businesses. Momentum Ventures builds new businesses by sticking to proven business models and banking on its team of talented business leaders and their teams to out-work and out-think the competition. It is this process that resulted in the remarkable success of FlightHub.

Predating Alio by three years, FlightHub is the flagship brand of Momentum Ventures. Launched in 2012, FlightHub is among the leaders in the North American travel scene. Featuring discounted flights, hotels, and travel insurance, FlightHub banks over $1.5 billion in annual sales and now employs over 400 people globally.

Momentum Ventures is based in Montreal, Quebec. Headed by CEO Matthew Keezer, Momentum Ventures has a perfect record when it comes to launching successful online businesses. Beginning in 2007, Momentum Ventures has now launched seven successful businesses across multiple online industries. Visit Momentum Ventures online to learn more about Alio, FlightHub, and all of Momentum Venturessuccessful businesses.

Website: Momentum Ventures

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