Moving a home can be hectic. Not only do you have to spend ages trying to find the perfect place, but buying and selling at the same time can mean two estate agents and two different solicitors to deal with. Not only that, but when you actually close the deal you have to begin the challenge of gathering all your belongings into boxes and transporting them to a new property, it’s a good thing there are packing and moving services available from places such as Bright Movers. It’s no surprise that moving home has long been considered one of the most stressful ordeals of the modern age, but there are ways to lift the pressure.

The to-do list isn’t a new phenomenon. People have been writing lists of things they need to get done for centuries, and up until recently this was still the most effective method for organising your time and remembering things. But with the advent of technology in the palm of your hand there are now simpler and more productive ways of keeping track of everything. If you are yet to download a personal project management app then moving home is an ideal opportunity to do so.

Project management tools have been around for businesses for a long time, but personal ones were slightly slower to gain traction. That’s all changed now, however, and there are a plethora of choices available for people who are craving new ways to keep on top of things. Evernote is one such popular tool, where adding notes and creating notebooks for multiple projects is simple and easy. Evernote allows you to quickly make sense out of lots of information by showing what you need to see at a particular time of day.

Asana is another popular personal project management app. You can use it to structure your individual project goals and milestones as a checklist, so you can tick everything off as you go along. You can even create subtasks and set them so that they have to be completed before anything else is ticked off. You can also add notes, links, comments, upload attachments and more, giving you a one-stop shop for keeping track of your home move.

Another app that helps you to streamline your tasks is Azendoo. Here you can juggle your personal projects and even your tasks at work, making it the place to organise your entire life. It has a simple interface that’s easy to use, and you can easily assign tasks to other people as well, just in case you have a friend or partner who is involved in moving home with you. Making your dream move to a new home isn’t easy, but by using the latest technology and apps you can get a helping hand just when you need it.

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