Cisco have recently announced a new system for small to medium rooms that allow more intelligence in the way we connect on multiple levels. Room 55 is a fully-integrated system for small to medium rooms where you need a high-performance all-in-one video system that connects you instantly with people around the world. With a whole bunch of new features, that are highly coveted in the business world.

Viju bring you an insight into the new Cisco Spark Room 55, what the new system brings to your meeting room and how it’ll enhance your meeting room experience.

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New Features

These new features bring an all new meaning to usability, allowing for a much smoother collaboration experience. With automatic wake-up this gives you, your colleagues and guests instant access to the system, allowing for much less setup time.

When you have multiple meetings a day, spread across weeks, it can often get tiresome doing the same setup every day to ensure there’s no problems. With automatic wake-up, you’re eliminating just one step that gets in the way of instant collaboration, removing these barriers is what Cisco Spark Room 55 set out to accomplish. Other features such as one button push to join a meeting and automatic framing of in-room participants, they all come together to make a much improved, hassle free conferencing experience

Behind The Curtain

These innovations rely on top of the line, extensive camera technology, Cisco Spark Room 55 has an integrated digital camera that can detect faces to identify the number of people in the room and can even recognize those faces for more capabilities in the future.

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Utilising the NVIDIA Jetson platform, it allows the system to scan a participant face, selecting the best framing for that person or group. Even tracking the active speakers if the person or group happens to be moving across the room. Although this may seem like a small feature, this in fact helps improve the user experience greatly, as we’ve all been in that meeting where audio and visual issues effectively shut down the meeting. These small issues can build up to become a huge barrier to communicating and can end up affecting your business in productivity and income.

With continued investment into the development of Room 55, users can look forward to a string of updates that include the system automatically recognising attendees faces and labelling them for easier communication. Even allowing the system to use the AI-powered natural language processing to understand voice commands of a variety of languages to enable voice interaction. These features of the future are what puts Cisco Spark Room 55 ahead of the game, always looking forward in search of ways that improve communication.

With future updates in the pipeline, it’s wise to get invested now to take advantage of them and give you and your employees the best meeting room experience on the market. Get in touch with a provider of the Cisco Spark models today, such as Viju, and see how they can help you enhance your meeting room.

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