Most of you know Samsung as an electronics company. But did you know Samsung is more than that? We hear a lot of talk about Apple, Google, and Microsoft, but what about the company that started 38 years before Apple? To put things into perspective, we have designed and created the infographics that you may find interesting. Some of the things you’re going to see listed on this list below is going to absolutely blow your mind. Things that you had absolutely no clue that Samsung has dealings with might be listed on this infographic. Check it out below and see just what types of things Samsung does that you are shocked to see.

Infographic Just How Big Is Samsung

How Big Is Samsung?

Who would have known that the same company that leads the smartphone and television market also makes huge ships, military equipment, built the world’s tallest skyscraper, has a medical research center and South Korea’s largest theme park called Everland.

Throw in the fact that they make a robotic machine gun, an anti-infantry tank and so much more. Yet we look at Samsung as the famous folks that do nothing more than make those Galaxy devices(Galaxy S, Galaxy Note and others) that we use each and every day and that being the only things they make. However, that’s very far from the truth.

Samsung is on top of the list of IT companies to have spent the most money on research and development. The company runs diversified services and businesses that observe the best possible way to run it, which eventually help them become the market leaders.


It’s pretty inspiring to see a company that started with one man dealing with noodles and local groceries turn into the huge diversified business. They started the business before World War II. The company only had 40 employees at first. Now, it has progressed to more than 489,000 employees working throughout the world.

Samsung continues to lead the market with its new products and services, but its competitors aren’t staying quiet. Now that you know the true size of the company, you might see your Samsung smartphone or other appliances a little bit differently.

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