If you are a Mac user, there are some hacks you should know. For some, it may be easy to use but for others, it may take time to get to understand its mechanism. In whatever category you fall into, these are a few Mac hacks and tips that may help you make your working easier. Share it with people who may benefit from these below listed Mac hacks.

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Hot corners – Hot corners are one of the features on your Mac which would make living hard once you get used to using it. This feature can be configured in ‘expose and spaces’ under system preferences. It helps you remember some event that would take place when you scroll the mouse in any of the corners of the screen.

Spaces – This feature goes hand in hand with hot corners. It helps you to split the desktop screen into multiple screens resulting to make your multitasking easier. It can be configured on the same screen as hot corners.

Change command button to control – For people who find it tough to use a map this is a good news for you. It is very easy to remap the control button to function as a command. You need to select the ‘modifier keys’ and change the functionality of the important keys on the keyboard suiting your comfortability including command and control.

Safari Debugger   This is one of the coolest and useful features of the Mac. It can be activated by typing this command in the terminal.

Gimp – iPhone does not come with any advanced photo editing features. Gimp is a feature in a Mac that helps you give Photoshopped edited pictures and also helps removing duplicate photos on Mac.

Textmate – This is a feature specially designed to help Apple’s elaborated approach to operating systems into text editors.

Invert screen colors – Not many people know about this hack. You just need to hold down ctrl-option- cmd-8 on the keyboard and inverted screen colors hold down.

Slow motion Windows – If you are bored by minimizing a window by clicking on the yellow button. Then zoom to the bottom of your screen by holding the shift button.

Quick look expanded –  This is one feature that makes Mac stand out from other Android laptops. This feature helps you read what’s inside a file without having to open it. It seems unbelievable but a great feature to use.

These few hacks make your working on the Mac a little easier and simpler. Once you get accustomed using the features it will make your working on the Mac faster and smooth. These above-mentioned hacks are worth a try.

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