Classics do not age, but it gets better with time. Especially if it is competently upgraded. So, HyperX Cloud Alpha: what’s new and unique in you? Today we take a quick look at this upgraded set of headphones and give you a bit of what’s new.

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Design And Construction

The concept for the whole line of related Clouds has not gone anywhere. At the heart of the headband is a metal frame, to which all load-bearing elements are attached. The speaker cups are adjustable on the fly and have some freedom along the vertical axis, aluminum frames are attached through secure and strong hinges. The flexibility of the metal allows the headphones to “adjust” under the head in the longitudinal plane, and the soft ear pads and headband are filled with a “memory” foam and tightened into a practical leatherette with a “breathing” structure.

The positive sides remained unchanged: the headset perfectly sits on the head, does not squeeze the skull and at the same time it keeps perfectly. Ears do not sweat (warm air along with water vapor perfectly passes through the material of soft elements), the head does not hurt, the neck does not ache: to compensate for some weighting of the structure, a different material of the brackets was used, and they themselves received milled notches. On strength it did not affect, but to  it helped to restore balance.

Those who were fortunate enough to be born with a large and intelligent brain (and the corresponding skull), and the liked the common Cloud model, but it seemed tight, they can have a party now. The new headband bends better, and the half-arms are moved a dozen millimeters further. Now the headset sits on the head of anyone: from junior to aliens.

As for the design, everything is customary: a branded combination of black and red in addition to general rigor. The color accents this time were aluminum elements and logos themselves, everything else is the most practical color in the world. The only noticeable change is the shape of the speaker cups: from usual rounded contours it was necessary to refuse in favor of less streamlined oval cylinders: the new filling requires a little more space than the old one. The feature, which was asked for a long time – completely removable cable – suits this model very well.

In the past Cloud headphones, some users have noted the unsuccessful design of the volume control panel on the wire: the wheel clung to the clothes and … well, you understand what that means. As a result, the headset has acquired a new control panel.

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Improvements In Sound

HyperX Cloud has always been a good headset. Perhaps not the most balanced in terms of sound, but for their money very worthy. Further improvement of those or other characteristics in the field of audio playback led to unpleasant distortions: to make a popular gesture and add low frequencies, so that the special effects in games sounded more voluminous? The rest of the range will suffer due to this change, developers will have to more actively interfere with the sound sequence of the equalizer. Make the sound more detailed? The volume will disappear – the headset will yield in subjective perception in comparison with competitors.

It is possible to achieve both at the same time, but at what price? It will be necessary to install components of a higher class (with a completely different price tag, even in wholesale volumes), and this will affect the popularity of the model and the image. In addition, in the premium segment already exists HyperX Cloud Revolver and its brother with a virtual 7.1 – Revolver S.

So new HyperX Cloud Alpha is pretty universal. They are ideal for both full immersion in the world of your favorite computer game, and for listening to any music while you are chatting on your favorite beautiful russian girls site.

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