Wearable technology has come a long way from being just something we use to boost our health and fitness. Nowadays, wearable technologies can have the potential to transform the way we work – the gadgets have the power to help us stay focused and more productive at work.

Here’s a look at how that happens and how to get your hands on some wearable technology.

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What Do The Numbers And Employees Say?

Let’s first look at the cold hard data on wearable technology at work. PwC’s most recent survey from 2015 showed most employees are open to the idea of wearing company gadgets. Over half of the respondents felt the technology is acceptable if it can help improve the employee’s well being at work.

It’s not just that employees feel they are ready for the products if the boost in well being and productivity is there. Employees around the world already feel the benefits. In another survey, Goldsmiths University found wearable technology to provide an 8.5% increase in productivity with wearable technology. In addition, employees who wore the gadgets also witnessed a 3.5% boost in job satisfaction.

The Benefits To Productivity

So, how can wearable technology boost productivity? There are a number of ways this can happen.

Hands-free experience: Wearable technology can make it easier to access information while you are working. You don’t need to take out a laptop or carry a smartphone on your pocket – a smart watch, for example, is constantly there on your wrist. This means the employee is able to focus on the task at hand without having to waste time looking up information. Documents could be located instantly and figures checked without any effort at all.

Improved security: The gadgets can also improve health and safety aspects, which can cut down costs and time and lead to a more productive workday. Wearable technology can be implemented to look out for certain hazardous metrics and the gadget can cause an alarm if things are not going as they should. This can help the employee feel more secured at getting things done – there’s always someone looking out for them. Furthermore, risks can be monitored and identified before they become a huge problem. This can boost productivity, as it’s much easier to tweak a minor problem than to fix a huge disaster.

Enhanced health monitoring: Wearable technology started as a way to monitor your fitness and wellbeing. It isn’t any wonder then that companies can also utilize this as part of the solution to better productivity. How could health monitoring boost productivity? The wearable devices will help the employee and the company notice how well they are doing mentally and physically. It can point out the stress triggers, notice when tiredness kicks in and reveal important information about sleep cycles and so on. These can help focus on improving health – such as help the person sleep more and better – and structure the workday around individual energy maps. For example, the employee might learn how they are the most energetic in the morning and always dip after lunch – the realization helps them to organize less important and demanding tasks right after lunch before the energy kicks back in.

Furthermore, for the organization this kind of health and performance data can be important. It allows for better motivational support and makes it easier to understand the most common health problems – perhaps everyone gets sick during the Christmas break. Focus on health is essential and a major part in productivity because by cutting sick days and by boosting wellbeing, the employer is able to boost productivity.

Boost operational efficiency: It’s, of course, also possible to drive up productivity with wearable technology by boosting operational efficiency. Technology is perfect for data provision and the more accurate data employees have at hand, the better decisions they will make. A smart watch could help deliver products faster with an in-built GPS function, for example. Another product might be able to monitor the location of products, meaning that the employee doesn’t have to walk around looking for a specific item. Similar examples exist in a number of different fields, showing that efficiency can easily boost productivity.

What Wearable Technology Is Out There?

Employers have already plenty of options in terms of available products. Wearable armbands are popular, with brands like FitBit and Garmin offering products that can help monitor fitness and well being. Smart watches such as the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear S3 also have the benefit of apps – a company could well develop its own productivity app that can be used with the technology. This would ensure the focus is on the things that help the employee to better conduct his or her tasks.

Furthermore, these are available for anyone, not just businesses, to purchase. So, if you are self-employed, you might want to consider buying wearable technology and see how it boosts your productivity. Be sure to visit Hot UK Savings for discount codes – where you can find opportunity to buy from the retailers like Amazon and eBay.

Innovation in the sector is constantly improving. New wearable devices will no doubt continue boosting our workplace productivity.

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