Writing a dissertation calls for a high level of commitment and research. For you to write a captivating and informative paper which guarantees a good grade, your mind and time must be dedicated to delivering a quality paper. Research needs to be thorough and the points and arguments included should be well researched and clearly outlined. Additionally, you also need to provide evidence for any information you include in your paper especially bits and pieces which are not originally your ideas lest you be failed because of plagiarism.

Dissertations are indeed serious papers, and one needs to give their best if they are to produce a high-quality paper. If you have never written one or are experiencing problems developing or structuring your paper, you can find and download pre-written samples that are available online. These papers will help you to grasp how they are written, how ideas are developed, the different sections or parts which should be included, and how borrowed ideas are included in a dissertation.

However, you should never allow yourself to be stressed or worked up because of a dissertation paper. Google has turned out to be one of the most helpful platforms for writers, and you can also be a part of this club. There are numerous Google services and platforms which can be of great help to you as you write your dissertation and this article seeks to discuss them while also highlighting how you will benefit.

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Google Search

Millions if not billions of people make use of Google Search every day. From students to people in business, to professionals of different fields, to common people with a knack or need for knowledge, people have warmed up to Google Search. While writing your dissertation, Google Search can and should be one of the most important resources at your disposal. You can get any piece of information by conducting a search right and making sure you get whichever document or website you desire. However, for this to happen, you need to know a few tricks. First of all, know how to use tabs which mainly entail links such as All, News, Images, Videos, Books, More, etc. The above is quite essential and allows you to limit your search and to increase your chances of getting whichever information you need. Other tricks include using a hyphen to help exclude some words, the use of a colon while searching for specific websites, use of AND and OR to minimize or specifically point out the information you need, etc. There are indeed many tricks you can use to help you have a great experience while using Google Search.

Scholar Google

Google Scholar is one of the most utilized features by researchers. By using Google Scholar, one is able to search for scholarly materials which can help them write high quality papers with credible information. The credibility or reliability of your paper matters a lot, and you have to mind the information you include in your paper. By using Google Scholar, you will have access to thousands of research papers from all disciplines. You will find books, studies, articles, abstracts of some studies which might be helpful to your dissertation, online repositories, etc. It helps you find relevant material which will help you build your work. As already stated, research is an important part of dissertation writing and you, therefore, need to know how or which tools will be of help to you.


Google Books

Google Books are also quite useful and should help you elaborate on your ideas while also using relevant sources for your work. Google will not allow you to download these books unless you purchase them but they will give you snippets or allow you to read parts of a book. While writing your dissertation, this can be quite helpful and will even help you locate relevant information to use in your paper. You can also use Google Books to help you find relevant sources for your paper. Often, while researching, one gets to find sources or pieces of information which is relevant to their work but that they could not have been able to find before. Google Books gifts you this opportunity and will even make it easy for you to write your paper.

Google Disk

As you write your dissertation paper, you need to store all your sources especially the PDF files which you are using. Google offers you a way to store all your files online which means you can access them remotely anytime you wish. You do not have to use your computer or to carry your computer everywhere you go. You can simply save your files including your dissertation paper in Google drive or disk and retrieve them anytime you wish. Additionally, you can also save your sources there and access them anytime you wish. This will help you work on your paper whenever and wherever you are.


In conclusion, dissertation writing is a taxing endeavor, and you have to be prepared to dedicate your time and yourself to your paper. However, by using Google and the features discussed above, you can reduce your work and make it simpler while also increasing quality.

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