Every small business needs a good web hosting service. Without the proper blog hosting guidance, however, it is difficult to know whether you should use VPS hosting or shared hosting. Shared hosting provides a server for multiple websites on the same server. VPS hosting, or Virtual Private Server hosting, allows you to rent dedicated resources on a private server. Each web host service has its pros and cons, but there are some aspects that make a big difference for a company’s choice. Below are the differences between VPS hosting and shared hosting to help you make the best web host decision for your business.

Hosting Performance

Performance is often the most important consideration when it comes to deciding which web host service to use. Because shared hosting services are shared amongst other websites, shared hosting faces some limitations. There is less control over the performance. Pages will load slower than pages supported by VPS hosting. VPS hosting offers better overall performance since the bandwidth is completely owned by you. VPS hosting is best suited for websites with high traffic demands or a business that requires managing multiple sites. Whether your business anticipates higher or lower traffic, performance is a huge factor when choosing which web host service you should choose.

Server Security

Another aspect to consider when choosing a web host is the security of your site. Shared hosting has a lower security level than VPS hosting. In shared hosting, the activities of other websites can affect your company’s site. In other words, if one of the websites on the shared server is hacked, the likelihood of the hacker to approach your company site is more significant than on a VPS hosting server. VPS hosting offers more security than shared hosting because your website occupies its own space on the server. VPS hosting, however, is not perfect and there is a small chance for your site to be vulnerable to viruses that bypass the overall server. The security of your company’s website is another factor to consider when choosing a web hosting service.

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Price Of Hosting Services

For any business, it is important to pay attention to price. Though VPS hosting is the better option in terms of performance and security. Meanwhile, shared hosting is certainly the cheaper of the two. Since shared hosting uses one server to manage multiple sites, shared hosting is more affordable. VPS hosting is more expensive, but you are able to choose how much space you would like to rent on the server. For businesses that are just starting out, shared hosting is usually the most common self-hosted choice because of its low price. Look into your business and see what you can afford, and which best suits you.

Decide Which Is Best For You

Depending on how established your business is, some factors may be more important to you than others. For example, if your business’s website is not anticipating as much traffic, you may consider saving the money and starting off with a shared hosting server. Shared hosting can be great for startups and small businesses simply because of the lower cost and easier website maintenance. If your business is growing quickly and is anticipating high traffic, VPS hosting may be for you. Weigh each option for your business and its immediate goals. Then, decide which VPS vs shared package will work best for you.

You Can Always Upgrade Or Downgrade

There is one last consideration. What if you start off on a shared server and your company gains so much traffic that the server no longer accommodates your business’s needs? Or, what if you choose a VPS host and realized it was too costly, and you want to switch to a shared server? The great thing about either server is that it is easy to switch. In fact, it is possible to increase or decrease the amount of space you rent on a VPS hosting server as well. So, you can be assured that there is no wrong answer to which you should start off with as a small business owner. Decide which web hosting server you think would work best for your business, and work from there.

Every business’s website has to weigh out the different server options. Between VPS hosting and shared hosting, some companies may benefit more from one or the other. Because performance, security, and price are huge factors in any business, it is important to think about where your business’s goals are. From there, you can decide which web hosting server will work for you.

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