In this day and age, the internet plays a vital role in the way the world spins. While it couldn’t have been fathomed 10 years ago, the internet has taken over modern technology and has seeped through all the cracks, infiltrating society from surface to root. What this all means exactly is the fact that the internet is no longer just a distraction from reality or a good tool to have, but it is a must-have that is used in all sectors and departments of most professions.

A New Step Is About To Change Things Again

Now, the internet seems to be making another huge step as far as modern technology is concerned. For the longest time there has been a unity between the offline system, which is the computer, and the online network, meaning the internet. But it would seem that this balance might be coming to an end as companies and tech developers are looking to take a huge load off the computer and remove the relevance of locally installed programs.

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The Internet Is Becoming Even More Important

In the near future, you might see computers operating completely online and having no need of desktop applications. The first steps towards this future have already been made as devices like Chromebooks are becoming very popular in the education system for example. Chromebooks operate completely online and make very little use of the offline component.

Mobile applications are also about to make a leap towards being online only, as developers are currently working on a new type of application which is a mix of traditional mobile app and web page. This would make it so people would have no need of installing applications they only use once or filoing up their internal storage with apps instead of music, photos and videos.

Need to crop a pdf file? No need to download and install software that chips away at your computer’s storage as now you can just crop your pdf file online. Want to listen to a lot of music genres but your computer storage is limited? Just stream your favorite albums or artists on one of the many music streaming services now available online. The examples can continue to flow forever, but you’ve more than likely got the idea.


While desktops, local storage and component strength continue to be important and have relevance as far as computers go, they are preparing to take a step back in favor of the online medium which is going to become more important than ever, completely taking over and providing all necessary services. It will be interesting to see not only how this unfolds but also how the world reacts to being so constricted to have an internet connection in order to fully benefit from their machines.

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