While the concept of virtual reality is now a part of mainstream consumerism, we have barely scratched the surface in terms of its capabilities. Now that Microsoft’s fabled HoloLens is set to take the market by storm and enable users to construct their own virtual surroundings, we can expect this technology to be applied across a number of industries. The traditional real estate and sell house fast markets provide a relevant case in point, as augmented and virtual reality can actively drive sales and increase viewings.

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There are multiple ways through which augmented and virtual reality can drive property sales around the world. To understand this further, it is important to remember the restricting that are posed by two-dimensional imagery and content. Not only does this look increasingly outdated in 2015, but it also fails to engage modern viewers in world of three-dimensions and high quality rich media. By presenting construction projects in the form of virtual reality, service providers can host real-time viewings online without compromising on the appeal of the property.

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There are other benefits too, as an augmented reality application can use this three-dimension portrayal of the property to produce alternative angles and shots that capture the best interior and exterior features. In some respects this offers an even more in-depth viewing of the property, which can be accessed by a dramatically larger audience at any given time. With such a vast, effortless reach, home-owners can sell their home more efficiently and in a shorter period of time, which in turn translates into a superior return on investment.

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On a similar note, virtual property viewings and representations can also help to make your property go viral online. Initial studies have shown that customers are more likely to develop an interest in a property that can be viewed through virtual or augmented technology, while these channels also engage potential buyers on a deeper level and encourage them to discuss this with other individuals.

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When considered together, these factors underline the effectiveness of augmented and virtual technology as key selling tools in the property market. Not only can they offer convenience to buyers through real-time viewings and present marketed properties in their most positive light, but they can also enable listings to go viral and optimize their maximum reach.

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