The Note 5 is a beautiful device. It has been redesigned with glass on both sides that both look and feel premium. But with that awesome glass back comes the risk of breaking it. That’s why we’re bringing you this list of our favorite Note 5 to keep that beautiful phone in perfect condition.

Spigen Neo Hybrid Carbon Case

Spigen is a huge name in phone protection. They’re almost always one of the first results for cases on Amazon because they’re ultra popular. Combining a good price with good looks and a fair price, Spigen checks all the boxes for customers. The Neo Hybrid is probably the most well known in their line and today we’re taking a look at the Neo Hybrid Carbon case. The Neo Hybrid Carbon case combines the minimal case with a carbon fiber back that not only looks good but adds grip. The buttons are metal covered for easy pressing. You can pick up the Spigen Neo Hybrid Carbon case on Amazon for $16.99 with prime shipping.

Product Link: Spigen Neo Hybrid Carbon Case

Ringke Slim Hard Case

The Ringke Slim Hard Case is the perfect case for when you want protection without much bult. You should be completely free of scratches and dents with this great case and while it doesn’t have the most impact protection, it will disperse that force throughout the case. And it looks great while protecting your phone. It’s a minimalistic design that won’t be offensive to the eye. The case follows the sloped backing of the Note 5 perfectly so you still keep that design and the bumpered edges not only provide protection but grip. And it comes with a free screen protector. You can pick up the Ringke Slim Hard Case for $9.99 with free Prime shipping.

Product Link: Ringke Slim Hard Case

Samsung S-View Clear Flip Cover Folio

The Samsung S-View Clear Flip Cover Folio is by the phone maker itself so you know it’s going to be good and fit perfectly. The purpose of this case is to provide protection but let you see your notifications at all time. The entire front of the case is see through so you’re not confined to a little window like other cases. Not only can you answer calls and dismiss calendar appointments but also expand messages, missed calls, access the camera, and app notifications. You pick up the Samsung S-View Clear Flip Cover Folio for $55 with free Prime shipping.

Product Link: Samsung S-View Clear Flip Cover Folio

Supcase Heavy Duty Case with Belt Holster

The Supcase Heavy Duty Case is just that: Heavy Duty. This thing can take a beating and keep on going. It has a hard outer shell that protects a soft TPU case on the inside and an embedded screen protector. In addition to the case you get a belt clip so you have easy access to your phone. Since this case will add a bit of bulk to your phone you might not want to keep it in your pocket so the belt clip is very handy. You can pick up the Supcase Heavy Duty Case with Belt Holster for $16.99 with free Prime shipping.

Product Link: Supcase Heavy Duty Case with Belt Holster

OtterBox Defender Series Case with Belt Clip

There is possibly no bigger name in phone protection than OtterBox. Viewed as the gold standard in phone protection, the OtterBox defender series stands up to the challenge of keeping your phone looking beautiful and in new condition for years to come. The defender comes with 3 layers of protection to protect from falls and drops. It has a built in screen protector to help you avoid those scratches on your screen as well as a belt clip and covers for your ports to keep dust and dirt out. You can pick up the OtterBox Defender case for $59 with free Prime shipping.

Product Link: OtterBox Defender Series Case

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