GoWorx is best known for the production of several GoPro HERO mounts and accessories. Just a year ago, GoWorx launched the GoKnuckles, a handheld GoPro  mount for adventure seekers, which raised over $9,000 on Kickstarter. Fast forward to the present, and GoWorx is looking to replicate that success with the launch of the FreeRide Smartphone Mount crowdfunding campaign, again on Kickstarter.


What Is The FreeRide Smartphone Mount?

At first glance, it appears that the purpose of the FreeRide Smartphone Mount is to ‘hack’ the GoPro HERO addons market and adapt such equipment for smartphone photography and cinematography. According to GoWorx, the FreeRide Smartphone Mount, “is a versatile and fully adjustable Smartphone Mount that enables you to simply and securely attach your Smartphone (with or without a case) to pretty much anything, anywhere.”


Thus, the FreeRide device has been designed for those of you who have invested considerable money in your GoPro merchandise. By making use of your existing equipment, you can avoid lugging around extra material as well as increase your bang-for-buck by making your accessories compatible with your smartphone. GoWorx does make a good job of highlighting all the different uses for the FreeRide mount – ranging from Drones, RCs and bicycles to mounting it on your dashboard or car bumper. There are two ways to attach a device to the FreeRide. The first is the most obvious: the direct connection to any GoPro HERO mount or accessory. Secondly, the FreeRide can be attached to any other universal tripod adapter, for traditional camera mounts, like the Joby GorillaPod Hybrid.


The Kickstarter Campaign

GoWorx states that the crowdsourcing will be used for “the initial costs of tooling and production”. For those of you who are GoPro owners, the FreeRide smartphone mount appears to be a good investment. The Kickstarter campaign is aiming to reach $8,000 (just over €7000) by Monday September 28th and the products should be shipped during November 2015. At present, it has collected more than 75% of the money required for the project to go ahead. 

You can spend anywhere from $25 and up since the early bird €20 pledges are all gone. Eventually, the FreeRide is expected to retail for $30 (about €26) and ships internationally (though at an added cost). Here at TechDissected, we’ll do our best to keep you updated on the campaign as it moves along. What do you think of the FreeRide Smartphone Mount? Are you supporting this project? Let us know in the comment section below!

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