Engineers study the same topics and issues. That means they can learn from each other even though they are worlds apart. Additionally, they can work in different parts of the globe. For example, American engineers can work in Romania and vice versa. Currently, China has the highest number of engineers. It produces 1.2 million engineering graduates annually. India produces a record number of engineering graduates as well. These graduates, engineering students, and the ones who have jobs benefit from online resources that are available on certain sites. Here are 4 websites every engineer should know about.

Digilent Inc.

Gene Apperson and Clint Cole founded Diligent Inc. in 2000. Diligent Inc. serves OEM companies, universities, and students. It started its operations in Washington State University and today, it serves 2,000 universities in more than 70 countries. Diligent offers them educational design tools. For example, this company produces the Analog Discovery 2 Student Bundle Kit. This kit facilitates the measuring, visualizing, and generating different kinds of mixed-signal circuits. The company has a footprint in Asia, the Americas, and Europe. More specifically, it has offices in China, the US, and Romania. You can contact any of these offices through email, telephone, or postal services. Click on for additional information on Digilent Inc.

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Engineering360 sometimes referred to as Global Spec is a leading online resource for engineers who are already in the field. Currently, more than 8 million engineers visit the site regularly. These engineers represent a broad range of industries and institutions. Engineering360 gives them access to information through news and analysis. It handles topics on suppliers as well in addition to having a directory for standards. Moreover, Engineering360 has a reference library and an interactive online community. You can visit the site if you have any question about engineering. For example, you can ask about the cost of industrial robots or the popularity of lab equipment.


In most cases, engineering students spend a minimum of five years in university. During this time, they learn an almost countless number of formulae. Remembering all of them is difficult if not impossible. Efunda helps you with that. It does other things as well. For example, it has a design center and unit conversion calculators. You can study various processes as well including casting, molding, machining, and stamping. Moreover, examining materials such as steel alloys, polymers, and elements is possible. This broad range of resources makes Efunda suitable for both students and professionals.  Students can use it to refresh their memories for exams. In contrast, professionals can use it to remind themselves of what they had studied in the past.

Eng-Tips Forums

Sometimes, the best engineering advice comes from your peers in this field. Unfortunately, engineers work for many hours within a single day. Some work for 40 hours a week. Consequently, having time for discussions is impossible when there are in the field. Fortunately, Eng-Tips Forums facilitate communication between engineers. More specifically, they can talk to each other about engineering codes, certifications, and standards among other things. They can learn from white papers, case studies, and eBooks as well. Engineers get an opportunity to learn about the kind of projects that people want both locally and abroad. Doing so helps the student and graduate engineer because they can modify their training to suit these emerging needs among consumers.

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