Web hosting can have a massive impact on your business. Sadly, not many people consider this when signing up for a web hosting service provider. With the world of business growing each passing day, many businesses are striving to establish an online presence. Thus, it’s necessary for entrepreneurs to create unique websites that can attract online traffic.

For your business to run smoothly, you need to select a web host with the most reliable services. The effectiveness of your hosting significantly affects your interaction with customers, which in turn affects business revenue. Hosting Foundry has seem great hosting comparisons and established itself as one of the best worldwide.

Here are 4 ways in which web hosting can impact your business:

Web Load Speed

The speed at which your web pages load is crucial if you’re running an online business. Websites with high loading speeds allow more potential clients to visit your page with ease, increasing the chances of doing business with you. Conversely, the slower your site loads, the fewer the people who visit your page. This further translates to business losses. This is why it’s so important to choose a good hosting package. Most shared hosting packages allocate a single physical server to be shared among numerous sites. This is certainly not a good option for your business because it causes site pages to load much slower – there’s usually a vicious competition for resources. However, you could choose to upgrade to a virtual private server. This guarantees you more storage and CPU, meaning your website will load faster and earn your business more leads.

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You must ensure your website is protected from hackers and cybercriminals to maintain the efficient running of your online business. Hackers mostly attack shared web hosting services where they install viruses and infiltrate business websites. When your website gets attacked by a virus, the pages therein load much slower. This causes potential customers to drift away. Before picking a web host, ensure that it can offer your website ample security. Find out if the host provides reliable malware and vulnerability scanners to detect any hacking tricks that could be used by hackers. Also unearth if there’s a reliable backup mechanism for your website in case you lose all your data – this is very crucial for any online venture. Get to know what information is backed up, how long they can retain it and where they store it.

Search Engine Ranking

SEO refers to the process of optimizing online content so that it is ranked among the top in search engines. Google, which is arguably the most popular search engine, awards higher search rankings to pages that load faster than others. Therefore, the speed at which your web pages load determines how Google ranks it. Consequently, this affects how many people visit your site. The faster the site loading speeds, the higher the ranking and the more the customers who will visit your site. Your business performance will simply get better and better. A slow site weakens your ranking on Google, reducing your consumer outreach and causing a significant business deterioration.

The Servers Uptime And Downtime

A failing server often translates to huge losses for online business owners, mainly because customers are unable to access the website. This has a negative impact on your Search Engine ranking and damages your company’s reputation severely. Before subscribing to any hosting provider, it’s important to ensure they are capable of offering continuous uptime or at least have effective measures of handling server downtime just in case it happens.

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