Everyone has used a thermometer before during an illness, or maybe when you’ve got to check your meat when barbecuing. Have you ever considered using a smartphone wireless thermometer, though? I recently found one for my phone and just had to check it out to see how well it worked and what I could use it for. If you’re trying to use a WiFi thermometer, here are 4 possible uses for it.


If you’ve spent a lot of time outdoors grilling, you know better than anyone how important it is to get your meat cooked to the right temperature, since that’s the only way to be sure your meat is cooked properly. Usually though, you’ll have to open the lid every time to check the meat, letting some of the heat out.

Grill masters usually know about how long it takes to cook their meat, but if you’re not as experienced or just tired of opening and closing the lid, you may be looking for other options. Believe it or not, a smartphone thermometer can solve this problem. Use your phone to check the internal temperature of your meat without opening the lid every time. All you need is an app to work wirelessly while you cook.

Wireless Thermometer

For Peace Of Mind

You might not have thought of using a wireless thermometer for peace of mind, but just knowing the temperature and humidity of your home can protect your health, comfort and belongings. Dampness in a room can cause issues with asthma, while dry air is more likely to spread viruses. If the room is at the wrong humidity, you might even find your furniture suffering too. Many people have tried a humidifier, but that can end up dampening the air too much accidentally.

Stable temperature is important for keeping yourself healthy, although you can’t really monitor everything on your own. Try using a wireless thermometer with a sensor to keep track of your air quality and temperature for you. It will monitor your home so you don’t have to – whether you’re sleeping, away, or busy – and will send you an alert when the temperature in your home is off. This way, you’ll always be able to rest comfortably.

For Checking Fever

If you have ever had to check your own temperature, but have had trouble doing so, then having a smartphone-connected wireless thermometer is ideal for you. Checking your own temperature can be difficult if you’re alone for the moment and it isn’t necessarily easy to take someone else’s temperature accurately all the time either.

By using a WiFi-connected thermometer, your temperature can be remotely monitored on your smartphone. It’ll monitor the situation continuously and will alert you when the temperature starts to rise. If you’re concerned that you may be getting a fever, or want to take care of someone else, this is especially useful.

Just use the smartphone app that is connected to the Cloud to keep the data, so you will be able to see trends over time. This is particularly helpful for children or babies that you need to keep an eye on constantly. Some apps allow you to track multiple kids’ temperatures too, so you will always be aware of how your family is feeling when they’re ill and when the situation might be getting serious. With wireless thermometers, create profiles for everyone, check their fevers and monitor their health with ease.

For Saving Energy

As we all are aware, energy bills can be expensive. If you’ve found that your bill is a little too high, you might wonder how you might be able to save energy. Instead of turning the heat down randomly, try using a wireless thermometer to track the heat in your home. By monitoring your home more precisely, you will be able to save money on your energy bill, especially if you monitor each room and set the temperature specifically. You are even able to monitor specific devices to see how much energy they’re using.

Receive an alert when your temperature is outside the range you’ve set and keep track of the temperature history to make smarter choices on your energy. Just by using a wireless thermometer, you will be able to save energy, keep food from spoiling and make your environment more comfortable. Keeping your environment at a good temperature isn’t only good for your wallet, but for your health too.


If you’ve discovered a smartphone-connected wireless thermometer, you no longer have to wonder what to use it for. I’ve found 4 possible uses for your smartphone-connected wireless thermometer – from cooking outside, to saving energy on your home bills. Use a simple app to get alerts when the temperature is too high or too low and keep track of you and your home like never before.

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