If you are like most people, you probably believe that voice recorders were meant to be used only by journalists and investigators. That is now water under the bridge. Unlike in the past when the gadget was underutilized, nowadays almost everyone uses a voice recorder for various purposes. And perhaps that’s why mobile phone manufacturers include this feature in every handset. However, a dedicated voice recorder performs much better than those found in mobile phones. In fact, these recorders come in sleek design to make it easier to capture data discreetly. Here is a list of creative ways of using a voice recorder.

Recording Lecture Notes

Anyone that has been into a lecture hall will tell you that college instructors and professors speak very fast, making it difficult to grasp the key points. If you try to write while the lecturer is speaking, you will definitely not understand the lesson because you will concentrate more on taking notes. With a voice recorder such as those that are available at https://spycentre.com/blogs/news/top-5-hidden-voice-recorders-of-2017-review, it doesn’t matter whether the lecturer speaks fast or slowly. All you have to do is switch your recorder on while the lesson is in progress. The advantage is that you will be able to revise what the lecturer taught at your own convenience. In fact, you can skip some sections and go directly to the part of the lesson that you didn’t understand.

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As A Reminder

If you are prone to forgetting things, you can opt to use your voice recorder as a reminder. To get started, simply speak about what you want to do on a certain day or where you intend to go on a particular date. However, you have to review your recordings on a regular basis to avoid missing deadlines. The good thing is that you can review your recordings regardless of where you are without attracting the attention of other people. In fact, every voice recorder comes with a port for connecting it to a pair of earphones. Once you have accomplished a task, you should then delete its recording to create more space for newer files.

Creating Podcasts

Podcasts are very popular these days. In fact, they are used by most businesses to promote their brand. You can also create podcasts for your own videos. Having a voice recorder has actually made it easy for everyone to create a podcast. You don’t even have to hire someone with sophisticated recording equipment. Simply go into a room that is quiet and turn the recorder on. As a matter of fact, podcasts are preferred by majority of the people that are blind. Once your podcast is complete, you can then embed it on your website or share it on social networks.

Write A Book

As an author, you obviously know that it’s difficult to write every single word of your book. This is because you have to think before putting pen on paper. In fact, this is why most people hire ghost writers. With a voice recorder, you can write tons of books within a very short time. All you have to do is turn on the voice recorder and then tell your story. You can actually opt to sell the recording as an audio book or have it manually written by a transcriber.

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