As photographers will tell you, having the essential equipment will determine the quality of your pictures. As you must have realized by now, it is not enough to have the perfect scenery or landscape or a picturesque studio set up, without the essential equipment you may be setting up for failure. Here are five essential pieces of equipment you should aim to have at hand as a photographer:

A Good Camera

A camera is obviously one of the essential pieces of equipment you will need as a photographer. For the amateur photographer, your phone camera may suffice especially if you have a high-end smartphone with a good resolution but even that will be suitable for only limited photography because of its fixed lens. Therefore, your camera choice should be dependent on the kind of photography you intend to engage with. You should also put into consideration, details such as whether all you need is a simple point-and-shoot camera or the more sophisticated digital single lens reflex camera that comes with interchangeable lenses or maybe you need an action cam that is mounted which is usually used to take sport and adventure photography.

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Memory Card And Card Reader

Your memory card is the core of your camera and you should make sure to get durable ones that will not get corrupted resulting in loss of your images. It is usually better to have multiple memory cards in smaller sizes than depending on just one big sized memory card. In this age of digital photography, being able to transfer your pictures from the camera is essential to getting your photos ready for its end process through editing and printing. You can view the pictures taken on your camera but you will need to transfer them to your computer for better viewing and access. Therefore, having a memory card reader for the purpose of transferring your images is very essential. Visit for your selection of memory card reader for your camera.

A Tripod

You are not always going to be able to control your camera by hand alone especially when you are trying to get a series of perfect images without blurs due to your hand shaking. Having a tripod at hand will prove very useful especially in low light settings, for night photography and even for taking a professional selfie.

A Speedlight

A Speedlight is an external flash which you are going to need as a photographer especially when you are aiming for standard shots. Most experienced photographers will tell you how useless your camera’s flash can prove for some photos and how an external flash gives you a whole new dimension of possibilities. There are different ranges of speedlights with low-cost ones that are still useful in giving you the quality you desire.

Extra Batteries And Charger

You don’t want to be caught without extra batteries and your charger as a photographer. You should use rechargeable batteries that will give you more time and durability. Without your battery charger, your camera may end up useless because you may not be able to get one readily in certain situations. Your batteries give your photography life, so you should treat them like the oxygen you breathe in as a photographer.

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