The new year is the perfect time for companies to start implementing cloud computing technologies. By definition, cloud computing is an umbrella term for several services such as hosting, storage and backup. These services allow users to access data from anywhere. As long as workers have internet connection, they can use company files regardless of their location. Business owners are attracted to these services because of the added convenience that they offer for remote work. If you are considering the technology for your own company, read this post to learn the top cloud computing applications that improve business operations. 


One of the most advantageous cloud computing applications for improving operations is collaboration. You can use cloud technology to work alongside employees on projects efficiently. Cloud computing lets several employees make changes to the same document at once. More so, you can make these changes regardless of where you are. You do not need to leave your business trip early to offer feedback or make corrections to a client project. Instead, you can collaborate right in the airport, using your smartphone. Since collaboration can drastically improve business operations, this is a great cloud computing application for companies. 

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File Storage

Another effective cloud computing application that improves business operations is file storage. The cloud is great for storing files such as documents, charts and videos. Your development team can even use cloud platforms to store images in your docker registry with custom user privileges. By using the cloud to store these files, you can access and retrieve your work at any time. You can also feel good about storing your files with cloud technology because it offers security features that can protect your sensitive information. Cloud technologies are also much faster than other solutions, which makes uploading files a simple process for businesses. The cloud can even scale with your business so you can continue storing documents as your company grows. Keep this cloud computing application in mind as you consider investing in new technology to improve operations. 

Big Data Analytics

Moreover, several companies use cloud computing for big data analytics. This application improves business operations by providing insight into customers’ preferences and actions. For instance, you can use cloud technologies to analyze large amounts of data that reveal consumer patterns. Cloud technology allows you to integrate data from a variety of sources at once, so identifying patterns is simpler. Once you reveal the patterns, you can use them to adjust your marketing strategies and attract more of your target audience. This improves operations for both marketing teams and sales departments. Thus, this is a highly beneficial cloud computing application for your business. 

App Development

Furthermore, app development is a great cloud computing application for businesses. The best cloud platforms offer pre-coded tools that simplify the development process significantly. You can find directory services, search tools and security solutions right on your platform. With high-quality, accessible tools right at your fingertips, development teams can create applications at much faster rates. This can increase productivity levels throughout your entire company. If developers produce business applications quicker, other employees can start benefiting from them sooner. Therefore, this is a key cloud computing application for enhancing business operations. 

Disaster Recovery As A Service

In addition to the above cloud computing applications, you can also use the technology for disaster recovery. Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) uses the cloud to secure sensitive information and prevent data disruption. When companies operate without DRaaS, they risk dealing with long periods of downtime. According to experts, just an hour of downtime can cost a company more than $100,000. Since downtime can also lead to a significant decrease in productivity, it is crucial that you use cloud technologies to prevent it. With DRaaS, you can get your system back up and running fast if it goes down. Use cloud computing for disaster recovery if you want to improve your business operations significantly. 

You can use cloud technologies to improve your operations and take your company to the next level. One of the best uses for cloud computing is collaboration because you can work with team members remotely. Many companies also excel with cloud technologies by using them for big data analytics. Additionally, use the cloud to store a variety of files ranging from documents to images to videos. You can also utilize the cloud to streamline processes for your development team through containerization. Finally, you can use the cloud for disaster recovery so you can prevent long periods of downtime. Use these cloud computing applications to improve business operations for your business. 

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