Have you been looking for a superior EDC flashlight for quite some time? Well, your search ends right here because Fenix UC35 is the best option available. It is an affordable flashlight that combines the built-in rechargeable battery and the power of the LED for giving a powerful flashlight.

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Superb Design

When you have a look at Fenix UC35, it looks quite small, but in reality, it is quite rugged and durable. This all because this flashlight has a durable construction. The body of this flashlight is made up of aircraft grade aluminum. This is what supports the long-lasting durability.

The outer surface is also textured, and this helps to provide you the grip you need. Overall Fenix UC35 has got a hard-anodizedfinish, and this finish is scratch resistant. This flashlight is anti-abrasive, rust resistant and water-proof also.

What you will love about UC35 is that it has got an anti-roll design. This is why you will not have to worry about the flashlight rolling on the table.

The Fenix UC35 has an impact resistance of about 1m. This means that if you end up dropping your flashlight, then it will resist breaking by all means. Even if this flashlight is dropped on hard surfaces, it will not get damaged by any means.

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Designed To Be Lightweight

You will also be super impressed with the weight of this flashlight. It weighs about 126g. This means it will not be an issue for you to carry this flashlight around. No wonder you can easily carry UC35 around in your pockets.

Great Quality Lens

There are times when you can get your hands on thesuper-powerfulflashlight, but it is essential that the flashlight should have high-quality lens also. When you go for Fenix UC35, you will notice the fact that it has got ultra-clear glass lens. The best part is that the lens has this anti-reflective coating on the surface.

The benefit of the coating is that it protects the lens from the scratches. Another benefit of the coating is that it keeps the lens clear all the time and the light can pass through the lens without any interference.

Waterproof Construction

You do not have to worry at all if you need to use this flashlight in wet conditions. This device has an IPX8 waterproof coating. This is why this flashlight will not get damaged even if it is immersed in a depth of about 2 m for about 30 minutes.

The reason is that Fenix UC35 has got rubber O-rings and they help to keep the moisture out of the flashlight.

Offers Adequate Heat Protection

The UC35 is quite powerful. This is why there are chances that it can get overheated also. The manufacturer has constructed this device in a way that it offers the over-heat protection feature. This feature helps to dissipate the heat and protect the light also.

Provides Lasting LED

You will be surprised to know that LED light that is used in this flashlight has got quite an extensive lifespan of about 50,000 hours. This is why you will not feel the need to replace the light of your UC35.

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Facilitates The User With A Powerful Battery

You will notice that the UC35 is powered by 8650 Li-ion battery. You will not find it an issue to charge the battery as well. The reason is that it has got a micro USB port and this device is available with a micro USB cable also.

What you will love about this device is that it will only take you about 2 hours to charge the battery of this flashlight. There are times when you do not want to make use of the chargeable battery. You have the option to make use of non-chargeable batteries with UC35.

If you want to make use of the non-chargeable batteries, then you will have to opt for two CR123 Lithium ion batteries. This means that if you have apowerful outage in your area, then you can still use this flashlight using the non-rechargeable batteries.

Another aspect worth appreciating about  UC35 is that it comes with a battery level indicator also. This is why you will come to know immediately if the battery of the flashlight is out of charge. There is a light indicator located near the side switch.

When the battery of UC35 becomes very low, the indicator shows a red light. This means that you need to recharge the battery of UC35. When the battery is fully charged, then the indicator will show a green light, and you can disconnect the cable that is used for charging.

Offers Adequate Safety Features For The Battery

If you have installed your battery with the incorrect polarity, you do not have to worry at all. The reason is that you get a battery reverse protection feature with this device. The minute you incorrectly install the batteries, UC35 will be able to detect this on an immediate basis and will be able to avoid short-circuit.

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  • This flashlight demonstrates superior craftsmanship.
  • It is quite easy to use, and you can even operate this flashlight using one hand.


  • You cannot use a regular wall outlet for charging this device.


When you are looking for a quality flashlight, then Fenix UC35 will live up to your expectations by all means. The features offered by this device matches up with the top models. When you invest on this flashlight, then you are confident about the fact that everyday rough use will not damage this device by any means at all.

This is why you should make sure that you get your hands on Fenix UC35 right away. You will be contended with your decision and will not feel the need for another flashlight for a  long time to come.

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