For years, people have used gaming as a way to escape reality. Being able to zone out in front of a video game allows you to forget about the stress in your daily life. At the higher levels, popular gamers can make millions of dollars each year doing what they love. There are many professional gamers that do all they can to gain a competitive edge. This usually includes hacking the games they are playing in an attempt to come out on top.

Are you interested in using hacking methods to claim your place at the top of an online gaming leaderboard? If so, check out the information below regarding common game hacking methods.

Alter Packets With The Help Of A Proxy

When connecting to an online game, you will use the developer’s software to receive packets of data and information. If you want to alter the data contained in these packets, then you will have to set up a proxy. This proxy will intercept the packets sent to you by the manufacturer, allowing you to alter or tweak the data to help you win games.

This method is commonly referred to as an “attacker in the middle attack” in the gaming community. Game hackers have the ability to infiltrate the dynamic link libraries (DLLs) that a gaming manufacturer has in order to alter the packets of data. Any place in the game’s infrastructure where messages are delivered can be hacked with the help of a proxy.

If you want more information about this game hacking method, be sure to visit the Guided Hacking Forum. On this forum, you will find tons of information that can help you become a game hacking master.

Bot Building 

Did you realize the gaming industry generates more than $150 billion a year? But becoming a professional gamer and getting paid for your skills is difficult. Online games such as DOOM are difficult to master, which is why many hackers use gaming bots to help them out. These customized gaming bots are designed to play the difficult parts of an online game on their behalf.

By using a keyboard mapping program, you can create a script to perform common or complex actions in a particular game. These bots can perform gaming tasks far better than humans can, which is why they are so widely used in the game hacking community. These bots can be built using simple scripting or more complex artificial intelligence technologies. Gaming bots that use artificial intelligence make gameplay decisions based on simplistic reasoning rules.

Learn How To Manipulate Gaming Software

Perhaps the most complex and effective way to master a game is by manipulating the software. This manipulation involves changing values and writing over the existing memory. Altering the game directly in the software is extremely difficult and dangerous. A few years ago, a widespread game hacking scandal broke involving the game Counter-Strike. This first-person shooter game has an extensive library of drivers designed to contact things such as networking, graphics and sound.

Hackers were able to alter these drivers and create a competitive edge. Once this hack was uncovered, the team at Counter-Strike constructed a program called Cheating-Death, designed to detect altered or hacked drivers. While Counter-Strike caught on to this game hacking process quickly, many online gaming manufacturers still have similar vulnerabilities in place to this day. Finding and exploiting these driver-based vulnerabilities is one way to gain a competitive edge.

Practice Makes Perfect

Learning how to use the game hacking methods in this article correctly will take some time, skill and energy. The more you practice with these methods, the easier it will be to achieve the end result you are after. 

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