The Chevy Volt is a popular plug-in hybrid vehicle that is manufactured by General Motors. Since 2010, this compact vehicle has been providing value to customers throughout the United States.

If you have been thinking about purchasing this vehicle, you should do it soon. According to industry insiders, General Motors will possibly terminate this vehicle in 2022.

About The Chevy Volt

When it comes to being eco-friendly, the Chevy Volt can proudly compete with other cars in its class. With it exceptional MPGe (53 on the highway and 45 in the city), this compact vehicle can keep you traveling for hours.

Customers who purchase the Chevy volt seem to love its smooth handling and sleek design. With all of these great qualities, it makes you wonder why General Motors wants to remove this vehicle from the lineup.

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Chevy Volt Termination Rumors

Although the Chevy Volt is a relatively new car, this is not the first time there have been rumors about terminating its production. In fact, last year Chevy Volt termination rumors were reported in the news.

General Motors has big plans for vehicles in its lineup. By 2023, the company’s goal is to have 20 new electric cars available for eco-friendly car customers to purchase.

The Chevy Volt is not the only car that is up for possible termination. There are 5 other models that may experience a similar fate. They are Chevy Impala, Cadillac XTS, Cadillac CT6, Chevy Sonic, and Buick LaCrosse.

Source say General Motors has not made an announcement about the possible termination of the Chevy Volt. However, it sure looks as if they are seriously considering this plan.

Why Terminate The Chevy Volt?

Car manufacturers have noticed a trend among buyers who favor eco-friendly vehicles. Cars that are fully electric seem to be more popular than plug-in hybrid cars.

General Motors wants to take advantage of this surge in the eco-friendly marketplace. In fact, they manufacture the all-electric Chevy Bolt. This vehicle has outsold the Chevy Volt in its first model year.

Another reason the Chevy Volt will possibly be terminated is the popularity of crossover vehicles. When the Volt was released, it was one of the first cars of its type.

As technology advances, customers’ demands have evolved. They are interested in electric crossover vehicles. General Motors must continue to provide cutting-edge cars that meet the demands of savvy buyers.

What Termination Means For Chevy Bolt Owners

Chevy Volt owners may be concerned about how a possible termination will affect them. How will they be able to service their vehicles?

The good news is Chevy Volt owners will be able to maintain their vehicles and get their vehicles serviced. It is unlikely that General Motors will stop producing parts or providing service for Chevy Volt owners in the short term.

Chevy Bolt owners have four years until the possible termination occurs. They have time to make important decisions about their vehicle ownership. It will not be surprising if some Chevy Volt owners decide to exchange their current car title for a new vehicle.

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