The desire to be the best is most common in the younger generation. The student in this regard is a leader. Participation in public life, excellent learning, a collection of letters and letters of thanks – this is all the result of the desire to be perfect. Any student who is practicing at your company will sooner or later ask you to write a description of it. But employers do not do this every day, so it’s problematic to a student. So you may want writing tips to help with such document.

Therefore, depending on the purposes for further use, the characteristics are divided into two categories such as the two below.

  • Internal – Used internally (Example: when transferring an employee from one department to another, when imposing disciplinary penalties or incentives for the employee, etc.)
  • External – Drawn up at the request of the employee or third parties and presented at the place of the request (Example: when the trophy is paid by the Army, for further military service, for obtaining loans, for making decisions by municipal or state authorities, for an employee related to the issuance of permits, the use of various punitive measures or rewards, etc.)

Writing Tips For The Document

  • Characteristics must be written on white paper from a third person from the past or present time. It is appropriate to start with the so-called “hat” at the top, indicate the name of the organization, address, (street, house, apartment, office and contact details) and details.
  • The next block of this paper writing is intended for enrollment of professional and educational qualities of the student. Among them, one can mention diligence, responsibility, level of knowledge, persistence in achieving the goal, the desire to study independently the subjects that are experiencing difficulties in the team.
  • An individual should be described in terms of attitudes to work and education as a whole, as well as an assessment of physical fitness. All this should be related to the professional activity. Carefully study the methodology or practice plan, there will probably be a task to practice there. Rephrase them and enter in this paragraph. If a student has performed other types of work that is not related to the speciality, then it is not recommended to mention them. It is not worthwhile to write down how the student put down the paper and took out the paper.
  • When the characteristic is in the place where the student was practicing, it is obligatory to indicate all kinds of works that he had mastered. In addition, it will be superfluous to specify the level and quality of the knowledge gained. If you want any assist so you may ask it in writing essay service (

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More Info That May Describe The Student

You have a tendency to write certain types of ways about things suck as temperament, mind, availability of abilities for social activity and concentration of attention. First of all, the student must be independent in the thoughts and actions of a person to be able to find and process information, to treat it somewhat critically, to have an opinion, not to accept any source as an indisputable truth, even if it is a lecturer.

At first glance, this paper writing of theoretical knowledge differs little from the official duties of the student. Personal qualities, as a rule, assess the relationship in the team: sociability, discipline, hard work, activity. The general assessment is given with the words “I recommend”, “I think” “I believe that the work done during the course deserves the evaluation is excellent”.

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