A lot of you might not be familiar with Blu Products. Blu is a mobile device manufacturer which started in Miami in 2009 whose smartphone offerings have been the perfect answer for people who want a sturdy device at a great price. Lately they’ve been trying to break into the high-end market and there’s nothing better than watching another company bring out devices with power and a great price.

What Does Blu Have To Say?

I had a chance to interview Blu’s channel marketing manager, Carmen Gonzalez. Here’s what she had to say:

Tony: How long have you been working with Blu?
Carmen: A little under three years.

Tony: When Blu started in 2009, what was the company’s goal? Were smartphones a goal of the company from the beginning?
Carmen: The company used to focus more on feature phones with a few androids, primarily in Latin America. The goal of the company has always been to provide the consumer everything they want in device,  quality, style and amazing pricing.

Tony: How has Blu changed since then?
Carmen: The change has been dramatic, even when we started producing Android devices, they were very entry level, nothing compared to what we have now. I’m proud to say, we’ve come a long way and have made quite the impact along the way!

Tony: What Blu phone do you carry?
Carmen: I carry a Life Play in neon yellow. I haven’t switched yet because I just like this one so much, when we say “We have a Blu just for you” we really mean it.

Tony: What are your favorite features of the devices your company has been releasing?
Carmen: I know most people that I talk to are really going crazy over the LTE 5.0 enabled devices, but I’m really more impressed with the cameras and the displays, the Vivo 4.8 HD has a gorgeous HD Super AMOLED display and it’s the perfect size. When you capture and view photos with it, anyone can look like a superstar.

Tony: Can you provide any insight into Blu’s plans for growth as the smartphone industry gets more competitive?
Carmen: Well, the reason we bring out 5 to 10 new devices every quarter is because we know how competitive it is, and we know that everyone always wants a new device, so we want to provide new options every time someone browses our inventory. Aside from that, there are a lot of things in the works right now that I’m just not able to discuss yet, all I can say is, stay tuned, more are coming your way!

Who Knows What The Future Holds?

So, in this market, what future do we really see for a company like Blu? Is it good? I hope so, because this company is providing something we desperately need. The thing I hope the average consumer can learn is that not everyone needs a flagship phone. If we can start to accept that, then maybe we won’t feel the need to sign away two years of our lives just so we can have the best of the best at an affordable price. Check out this compelling Op-Ed piece Don’t Be A Spec Whore, This Isn’t A Spec War by Nick Schiwy.

Take the Galaxy Note series. Great devices, always leading Samsung’s Galaxy line, and often leading the market in specs, but for most people to get the new one without selling a minor organ will literally cost years of your life in the form on a contractual agreement with a carrier, or a financing plan adding a monthly fee to your bill until the retail price of the device is paid-in-full.

The question is, do the people who use the Note series all need the power that these expensive devices pack? I don’t think they do. Most of the people I’ve known who swear by the Note line are just in it for the screen size, and nothing more. Most don’t even play games or do anything much more taxing than watching Youtube videos and browsing the web. The Galaxy Note 3 has an MSRP of $699.99, but for what a lot of users need (I won’t necessarily say “most” but a lot) they would be better off with Blu’s new Studio 6.0 HD which is prices at $249.99 unlocked, out the door with no contract.

Now, don’t think I don’t know there are a lot of people out there who want the leading edge, but that’s not my point in the above comparison. Besides, for those of you who want that, they have a phone for you, which will be my next personal device, the Life Pure XL. With a 5.5 inch full HD display, 16 MegaPixel shooter in the rear and 8 MegaPixel front facing camera, a Snapdragon 800 processor, 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage all priced at a meager $399.00 on Amazon, how can you say “no”?

The bottom line is, if we can rid ourselves of the contracts and start looking around outside of the carrier retail stores, there are companies like Blu that are eager and waiting to help you save a lot of money with your next smartphone purchase. They have a Blu just for you.

Website: Blu Products

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